really awful
Crashes / Fires:
6 / 1
Injuries / Deaths:
2 / 0
Average Mileage:
75,995 miles

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problem #23

Aug 292013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 95,000 miles
2009 Chevy Impala 3.5L FFV - my "passenger airbag" light has been coming on intermittently since early spring 2013. In August 2013, my "brake" light suddenly came on while driving. There didn't appear to be any handling issues. Both the regular brakes & parking brake worked normally the brake fluid level was full. For a few months the "brake" light would come on sporadically & alarm while driving, all without any changes in driving or braking ability. Around September 2013, the "traction control" & "check engine" lights came on. Again, there did not seem to be any issue with handling. These lights also came on & off randomly & they were seldom all on simultaneously. Occasionally, the warning panel also says, "engine power reduced" & acceleration & power are diminished. There's also been a "low pressure left rear tire." The left front tire was found to be low, but the rear tire was ok. Tonight, the "check engine" & "traction control" lights came on & the display said "engine power reduced." Suddenly, it said, "starting disabled service throttle" & my car essentially lost all power. The steering also locked up. It was very difficult to pull off of the road. I restarted the car after about 1 minute, & the "traction control" light was no longer on, but the "check engine" light was. I was able to drive again, without difficulty.

- Flintstone, GA, USA

problem #22

Dec 062013


  • 92,000 miles
The contact owns a 2009 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle stalled with the illumination of the engine and traction warning lights. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The VIN was not available. The approximate failure mileage was 92,000.

- Chesapeake, VA, USA

problem #21

Aug 142013


  • 72,000 miles
Three times now this has happened. The first time I was driving down a main street at about 35 miles per hour and all of a sudden my service traction control light came on and the wording was displayed, as well as my check engine light came on and the wording "engine power reduced" was displayed. About a month later, I was leaving a parking lot when the same thing happened and then again four days later I was merging onto a highway and the same thing happened. When I try to accelerate, it sounds like something is going to fall out of the bottom of my car. After reading the other complaints, I don't understand why this isn't being taken care of by the company and left up to the car owner to deal with. It is very unsafe and I can't afford to get a different car nor pay for expensive repairs that are beyond my control or fault.

- Evans, CO, USA

problem #20

Aug 312013


  • 132,000 miles
After 1 month of having my throttle body reset by the dealer, the car acts up again. Yes again in the rain. Well, I have an idea why it may be acting up. The freaking computer is located were the air intake is. So when the car starts, you guessed it GM it sucks in moisture aka rain, then the rain goes across the computer and all [xxx] breaks loose. Reduced engine power, traction control and it is ridiculous! why in the [xxx] do you put a computer were it is in direct line with moisture. My 2002 trailblazer has the computer under the passengers seat. Guess what no freaking problems even after 257000. This is a safety complaint! the car is begging to be another Ford pinto. Please recall the car, and move the computer. This should solve your problems, and it may give people a little less bad taste in their mouth. I know I have renamed my Impala to the Ford Impala. Not to insult Ford Motor Company but mine actually stands for fix or repair daily Impala. I used to love my Impala and I used to be a loyal to GM, but if this does not get recalled I see it being my last GM car I buy ever! bring back the pride in owning a GM, before the GM name will stand for garbage motors. Signed, once a loyal GM owner [xxx] parts of this document have been redacted to protect personally identifiable information pursuant to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552(B)(6).

- Winamac, IN, USA

problem #19

Aug 212013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 90,000 miles
I was driving down the highway when traction control and check engine lights came on. Car went into reduced power mode and finally died while still moving. Lost power steering. Then my car shut down, had a very difficult time getting it off the road. There seems to be many complaints about this. With this happening on a very busy highway, myself or my daughter could have been killed by oncoming traffic, due to car shutting down. Cost of tow and service $350 I also have had the car put in for the seatbelt and airbag lights going off, since being in the Chevrolet dealer, the lights never go off.

- Littleton, MA, USA

problem #18

Aug 082013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 98,659 miles
This the second time this has happened. Wife was driving down the freeway when traction control and check engine lights came on. Car went into reduced power mode and finally died while still moving. Lost power steering and finally brought car to a stop on left inside of expressway. After a short time she was able to restart the car and limp home. Note that the cruise control was on, but I do not know if it was set. Had the codes read that indicated a throttle position sensor caused the fault. There are two sensors which have to agree and if they don't car will go into reduced power mode. When she got home I found only the check engine light on. I have in the past moved the wires on the brake fluid sensor to get the check engine light to go off. Not knowing exactly how all of these different systems are tied together, I tend to think that the cars computer is the problem which sets off all the different warning lights on the dash. I went to the Chevy dealership and the service advisor asked if this was a recall issue. I thought this was some what strange. After reading complaints on the net I can see why she might have thought it was a recall issue. The throttle body part is $300 dollars plus labor rate of $105/hr. As of now I cannot find any recalls for this issue. NHTSA needs to look at this problem because the loss of steering with all systems due to motor stalling while in motion is a hazard to everyone.

- Hudson Oaks, TX, USA

problem #17

Aug 062013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 72,874 miles
I drive a 2009 Chevrolet Impala. On 8-6-13 driving the far lane on the highway I experienced a series of warning messages on the dashboard. The messages were, "service traction control, engine power reduced and service engine." As the speed of the car began to reduce, I went to merge into the slow lane to prepare to take any necessary precautions. Before I could switch one lane a message popped up saying, "steering column has been locked." At that point the steering wheel became very tight almost enabling me to steer into the right lane. At the same time, the vehicles mileage has dropped down to practically nothing. Lets remember I'm on the highway during 5:00pm rush hour. By the time the oncoming traffic reached me, I was able to get off onto the should of the highway. I then get a warning message saying, "engine has been disabled." At that point I shut the car off. I've lost a family member to car failure on the high way. At this point I sit for about a minute or two and then start the car back up. After turning over a couple of times, the car starts and operates at an exceptional speed. Imagine had the cars behind not been paying attention. Maybe they were texting, fatigued, looking behind them or anything to have made them not notice the disabled vehicle ahead. This could've been a massive fatal crash. My six year old child would not have stood a chance. After researching on the internet that this is a known issue and GM has done nothing to justify the poorly assembled parts, I am very upset at the lack of concern for their buyers safety. As a single parent, I had no choice but to have the car serviced as soon as possible to eliminate any safety hazards to my child. Coming out of $300+ for something GM should've recalled when notified is unacceptable. I will be contacting all sources possible to inquire on getting a recall and hopefully saving someone's life.

- Ypsilanti, MI, USA

problem #16

May 012013


  • 46,253 miles
I noticed the service stabilititrak light came on several times but after shutting off the car it does not come back on until another day on July 1, 2013 I took my car to the dealer ship in temple tx because of my extended warranty, told them that gas gauge was saying I was out of gas (even after I filled it) and the service stabilititrak came and the dampener solenoid could be bad. They fixed the gas gauge but told me they could not find a code for the stabilizer. So 2 days later when it came on, I took it to them to show the dash board to them that clearly said service stabilititrak did not shut off car so they could run the code because the said they could not find it last time, no call all day long when I got of work I called to find out something they said it was not checked when I asked if they ran the code they said no. So today they called me early and said they could not find anything. If I can find information about the problem, tell them, show them and they still can't fix the problem.they want me to pay an additional deductible for the same problem I brought to them in the first place. My husband is ase certified and the only reason we brought in is because of warranty but what good is warranty if you can't get it fixed. My husband always believed in Chevy's but now they are not made like they used to be!!!!!!!!!

- Rogers, TX, USA

problem #15

Jul 052013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 56,000 miles
I was driving and the message loosing engine power and stability control system started flashing. The car started slowing down and I couldn't steer. I had someone look at it and they told me what was wrong. I also looked online and saw the many complaints and GM is aware. I parked the car until I am able to have it serviced. The issue seems to be a accelerator sensor switch malfunction. If I was going at a faster speed or was on the highway this could have cause an accident. I called GM and they stated they see no reported issues.

- Norristown, PA, USA

problem #14

Jun 042013


  • 39,500 miles
Alarm came on that read service traction control - engine power reduced. I was trying to pass a semi-trailer with another car directly behind me. The engine suddenly went dead and another alarm read starting disabled. There was nothing I could do. If the car behind me had not noticed my car rolling to a stop I would have been rear ended and sent into the truck. This is a serious life-threatening situation and it needs to be addressed immediately.

- Ames, IA, USA

problem #13

Apr 292013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 35,200 miles
While accelerating after a stop at a red light the throttle lost responsiveness. The check engine light came on and three messages appeared on the dash board display. 1. 'service stabilitrack' 2. 'traction control malfunction' followed by 3. 'reduced engine power'. vehicle would not accelerate beyond 40mph. I was on a down ramp heading toward a highway with no breakdown lane available. Very dangerous situation. Next morning I brought the vehicle into a local Chevrolet dealer and code P2138 revealed "accelerator pedal/sensor failure." Repair cost $265. Many other Chevrolet owners complain of this same issue and the dangerous situation the acceleration loss causes. Please see this edmunds.com blog with dozens of others complaining of this same issue. townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.F215E7E/0.

- Salem, NH, USA

problem #12

Apr 302013

Impala 8-cyl

  • 82,654 miles
My Chevrolet Impala reduces the power of the engine down to 20 mph or less and indicates check traction control and reduced engine power. I was almost rear ended because of this and had to pull off the freeway to avoid further potential collisions.

- Discovery Bay, CA, USA

problem #11

Oct 062012

Impala 6-cyl

  • 88,680 miles
As I was driving on the interstate all of a sudden I feel the vehicle slow down and the message center displays "traction control off" "engine power reduced". I was traveling about 65mph at the time however to maintain that speed after this happened I had to press the gas pedal further. The stabilitrak light stayed on for a days also.

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

problem #10

Feb 122013

Impala 6-cyl

  • 83,434 miles
I have a 2009 Chevy Impala lt & was driving aproximately 50mph down the road when all of a sudden the "service traction control message came on, the check engine light came on & engine power will be reduced message came on". the cars speed dropped down to about 40mph & would hardly go. I didn't know what was going on. It really scared me because I thought my car was going to cut off. I did get to work safely but I am terrified to drive this car. I searched message boards on the internet & came across 297 messages from other people who own GM vehicles that this has happened to. A couple of people said their cars actually cut off on them while going down the highway at a high rate of speed. One was involved in an accident. The problem from what I have read has something to do with the accelerator pedal position sensor or throttle body. From what I have read GM knows about this problem but has not done a recall on this. A couple of people posted that their local Chevy dealership covered the repair even though their cars were no longer under warranty. I called my local Chevy dealership and they told me that they couldn't do anything about it. They said that I would have to pay for repairs myself. To me, this is unacceptable. I could have a wreck & get killed or kill someone else. I don't understand why a company would clearly know about a problem with their vehicles and do nothing about it. I think that GM should cover the repairs to my vehicle and to any others that are having this problem.

- East Bend, NC, USA

problem #9

Jul 012012

Impala 6-cyl

  • 40,000 miles
I have a 2009 Chevrolet Impala that I purchased in 2010. Several months later, the car began to read check engine, service traction control, reduced engine power, then stalls and jerks while I'm driving. It happens intermittently. I took it to autozone to have them check the computer code. They said it was the accelerator pedal position sensor. The car only has about 50,000 miles on it. I am planning O taking it to the dealership because it is happening more often and I am afraid that I will have an accident as a result of this problem.

- Fort Wayne, IN, USA

problem #8

Sep 052012


  • 125,000 miles
Vehicle gives a service throttle starting disabled message and promptly shuts off the engine. If you wait 5 minutes the car will restart and perform as usual.....until the next time. Shutting off the engine at interstate speeds is incredibly dangerous and is going to result in someone being killed. Based upon internet searches this appears to be a known issue, but GM will not proactively fix the problem.

- Noblesville, IN, USA

problem #7

Sep 192012


  • 27,960 miles
Purchased vehicle on 9/6/2012 used with 27,479 miles. On 9/19/2012 with 27,960 miles, I was accelerating on an onramp getting on a highway and two messages appeared on my dash: "reduced engine power" and "service traction control as well as the check engine light. Experience rough and hesitant shifting between gears and could not go faster than 35mph. Was able to safely navigate home on side roads. I took it to the dealer I purchased it from for service and was told it was reading code P2138 and the throttle pedal assembly needed to be replaced. The service was covered under the dealer's warranty and I was set to go. Flash forward to 10/24/2012 with 29,355 miles, I was driving on a side road and the same messages came up. I called on star and they performed a diagnostic which resulted in the computer reading codes P2138 and C0242. Experienced out of control wheel spinning and sensitive braking. Took it to a dealer in the area I was currently in traveling for business and they could not diagnose with any issue. All codes and lights were not engaged. I still did not feel safe driving my vehicle due to problem with accelerator and had towed to the purchasing dealer near my home. They also could not diagnose with any issue as they could not duplicate the error. This is a serious safety concern and a problem (especially on the highway) with a popular model. I have also filed a complaint with GM on this issue and am hoping to have it resolved immediately.

- Portland, ME, USA

problem #6

Sep 152012

Impala 6-cyl

  • 57,068 miles
I was turning left into a driveway going no more than 7 miles an hour, because I was following a car, when I heard a large grind then pop. I parked my car and knew immediately the transmission failed by the fluid trail and part left behind. I took it to a dealer and luckily it was covered under the power train warranty. A week after receiving my vehicle back the alignment was off, driver-side headlight socket caught fire, I have labored start up, have stalled on the freeway! and have stabilitrak, airbag, and reduced engine power error codes that randomly appear.

- Whittier, CA, USA

problem #5

Sep 242012

Impala 6-cyl

  • 87,300 miles
As I was driving to golf on Monday September 24th, on interstate I-80 heading West, my 2009 Chevy Impala onboard computer stated the following, service traction control, reduced power, starter disabled and the check engine light all at roughly the same time. My car completely died and I had no power steering. Luckily I was able to coast out of harms way and get to the side of the road. I checked some wires under the hood and didn't find anything loose. When I attempted to start the car back-up, the onboard computer flashed, starter disabled. I sat with the car for about 15 minutes and tried once more. This time it started and ran normal, but the check engine like was on(still is). How scary is this really? enough to make me hate driving this car anywhere. Not to mention I'm a single dad of 4, who needs to get to work, school and many other things.

- Bennington, NE, USA

problem #4

Jul 172012


  • 83,000 miles
While driving the car through a parking lot at roughly 10-15 mph the check engine light came on. As it was displaying the message for what needed to be checked the service traction control, service stabilitrak, and engine power reduced messages came on. I have been online and check forum after forum about it and have found hundreds of posts about the same issue in the same vehicles. Wondering eugene GM will be forced to issue a recall and publicly address this issue.

- Norfolk, NE, USA

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