These buckle malfunctions could prevent a person from using the seat belt system, and risk of injury to an unbelted person in a crash would be increased.

Seat Belts — Front — Buckle Assembly

Date Announced
JUL 20, 2007
Vehicles Affected
NHTSA Campaign #
Certain vehicles located in guam and saipan were built with a seat belt buckle with an improper ultrasonic weld of the spring rib and fixation rib of buckle undercover in both front seat belts. A spring rib or fixation rib could break and remain inside the buckle, and the seat belt tongue may not be inserted into the buckle, or the push button may become stuck, resulting in an occupant not being able to unlatch the buckle.
Dealers will replace the front seat belt buckle. The recall began on January 2, 2008. Owners may contact GM Daewoo at 1-671-648-8453.
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