This contact with the wheel rim could, in time, cause the brake hose to become worn to the point that brake fluid leakage could occur. If this occurred, loss of front brakes is possible.

Service Brakes, Hydraulic — Foundation Components — Disc — Caliper

Date Announced
MAY 23, 2000
Vehicles Affected
NHTSA Campaign #
This is not a safety recall in accordance with the Safety Act. However, it is deemed a safety improvement campaign by the Agency. Vehicle description: 1/2 ton light duty pickup trucks. On certain trucks, failure to follow the service procedure set forth in the service manual for removal of the front brake caliper can result in movement of the front brake hose relative to its knuckle mounting bracket. If this movement results in increased length between the bracket and the banjo fitting that attaches to the brake caliper, it is possible for the brake hose to come in contact with the wheel rim.
Dealers will attach a notice label to the front brake hoses stating that the calipers must be supported when removed.
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