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Average Mileage:
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problem #183

Oct 252013


  • 86,432 miles
This has happened twice now. I have been driving my car and all of a sudden I loose gas power, but my brakes and steering still works fine. I have to pull over to the side of the road and come to a complete stop. While at a complete stop I can feel my car/ engine making a jerking "thudding" noise/ motion. I then turn my car off and take my key out of the ignition for the a couple of minutes. After letting the car sit I out my key back in and try to start it. But the car hesitates to start, it cranks for a while and then eventually turns over and starts. When I begin driving again after the incident I can feel that my car is not driving the same. Both times it has occurred I was driving two completely different speeds.

- Worth, IL, USA

problem #182

Oct 242013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 65,000 miles
Initially driving down the road at approximately 55 mph and the check engine light came on and the vehicle went into a stall. I lost all power even though the engine was sputtering. I pulled over and turned the vehicle off and restarted it. I lost power about 2 more times on a 20 mile trip. This has since happened during every drive on various distances. Sometimes at highway speeds and sometimes from a standstill.

- Penix City, AL, USA

problem #181

Oct 242013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 110,030 miles
Vehicle enters limp mode and all power is lost, engine starts to stutter and tachometer jumps, wrench light (power-train) comes on. 3 times in 1 week. Mph = 60, 45, 30. Avoided accident and pulled over. Restarted vehicle and back to normal. No check engine light or codes stored. Dealer states they cannot diagnose unless they can recreate the problem. Danger of rear ending, T-bones upon left turns, and intersection pileups.

- Hope Mills, NC, USA

problem #180

Oct 042013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 65,324 miles
While driving at highway speed I lost acceleration. SUV shook then lost speed quickly. Was able to pull onto off road. Wrench lite on dash. I turned off SUV then restarted and lite went away. Drove to next turn off so I could turn around to head home. Samething happened on way home but after restarting SUV the wrench lite changed to engine service lite. Was able to get home from there. Took for service which concluded electronic throttle body was dirty so it cleaned. Was able to drive for about 20 days when issues accrued again. Throttle body needed replaced.

- Hudson, OH, USA

problem #179

Oct 222013


  • 75,000 miles
During a basic oil change, we were informed the oil pan needed to be replaced because the threads for the plug were stripped. The service manager, I am basing this on what we were told by trained Ford technicians, stated "the oil pan is made of aluminum and it has stripped out." When asked what the plug was made of he said, " steal.". so now we have a car that has an oil plug that could come open at any time because it has become unsafe due to steal on aluminum creating a hole larger than was designed. We have a piece of the pan that has been stripped by the plug. So, I am going 75 mph down the highway and the plug comes out because it no longer fits correctly. Suddenly my engines freezes up. I'll be lucky to keep it on the road. We are very concerned that we will have an engine issue due to the engineering of the oil pan/plug. As of now they want us to pay $485 for anew oil pan that was poorly engineered. A steal plug on an aluminum pan is asking for trouble. We request Ford be required to replace the pans with steal ones.

- Canon City, CO, USA

problem #178

Oct 182013


  • 100,003 miles
I had just come off a highway exit ramp and drove about 100 yards at 40mph, when the car suddenly slowed down to a stop. The odometer dropped from 40mph to zero in about 4 seconds when I just coasted to the side of the road. A wrench light appeared on the dash. I place the car in park and the only power I had was the electric that powered the headlights. I shutoff the ignition and restarted the car after about 15 seconds. The start was sluggish and when I placed the car in drive, it jerked forward. The car acceleration was poor for about 10 seconds before it finally caught the proper gear. I drove the car another two miles at 30mph with a little bit of hesitation in the engine. At this point the wrench light on the dash shut off. I have had no further issues since.

- Carmel, NY, USA

problem #177

Oct 172013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 51,500 miles
While driving the vehicle at around 50 mph it lost all reaction to the accelerator and coasted to a stop while in heavy traffic. I turned the car off and waited 5 minutes, then started it again and began to drive. Within seconds the vehicle repeated the incident. I managed to get it into my driveway after repeated stops and restarts of the engine.

- Trenton, MI, USA

problem #176

Oct 112013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 85,500 miles
As I was driving and the cruise control was set the road I was traveling had slight hills. It seems as though when the car went to down shift and speed up is when it lost power and went into limp mode. The last occurrence was on 10-17-13 while I was driving on a flat road. I had to brake for traffic when I went to accelerate is when it lost power and went into limp mode.

- St. Paul, MN, USA

problem #175

Oct 132013


  • miles
Initial incident was near home in residential neighborhood. Wrench symbol appeared & vehicle began to slow down with inability to accelerate. Turned car off & then back on with no light present. Incident happened again next day driving on the expressway at about 65 mph. Vehicle began to shake & lose speed & wrench symbol reappeared. Was early morning & dark out & had to merge to shoulder. Had to frequently stop & turn car off in order to prevent from happening again. Fixed by Ford dealership citing throttle body issue & was replaced. Cost of repair just under $400.

- Farmington Hills, MI, USA

problem #174

Oct 102013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 96,096 miles
While driving on the highway, at approximately 65 mph, the vehicle bucked and instantaneously slowed down and was unable to accelerate. At that moment when the vehicle bucked the dash indicator (a wrench) came on showing the problem being the throttle control/powertrain. I was on the highway in the middle lane, in traffic when I lost the ability to accelerate and was luckily able to navigate to the right and coast to the exit that was less than a quarter mile from the incident. I placed it into park and it sputtered just prior to turning off the vehicle completely. After waiting about 10 minutes I then restarted the vehicle and the dash indicator did not come on, I therefore proceeded and drove it home. Because this occurred late evening I was not able to contact the dealer until the following day.

- Raleigh, NC, USA

problem #173

Oct 082013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 86,000 miles
The first time I had a throttle failure (first time wrench light came on), I was on the free way going about 65 mph. My acceleration quickly died and the gas pedal was inactive and useless while my car slowed down. I pulled over on the side of the freeway left shoulder going North on the 5, and after a few minutes, my car turned back on and worked fine. I took my car to Firestone to cleanup throttle, only to find myself experience another car breakdown for the same reason the next day on the freeway going the same speed, this occurred 2 more times going about 25 mph the next day. All 4 times, , my wrench light came on my Escape as well as completely dying as far as acceleration. Each time, I had to pull over to the side. The last time this occurred was earlier today 10/10/13 as I was makin a left at a red light. Where I was afraid my car would not make it through the intersection.

- Vista, CA, USA

problem #172

Oct 092013


  • 110,000 miles
While in the left lane of a 3 lane highway (bishop Ford) I was traveling about 65 mph then accelerating to 72 mph the car made a jerk ( felt like the transmission) then there was no acceleration and the wrench light came on. I tried to push the gas and nothing. I slowly moved to the emergency lane which was very dangerous because the average speed on this highway is about 70 and I had to crossover 2 lanes and at this point the car was less than 40 mph. No one wants to slow down to let you over. I had my 2 yr old in the car at the time so I was very nervous about getting hit by another vehicle. I turned off the car and the restarted and it and drove ok without this happening again. This jerk motion has happened several times and when I had it checked at the dealer while under warranty they could not find anything wrong because it did not do it when they drove the car. Anytime I had a complaint while under warranty they could not find anything wrong with the car. This is a hazard and to know so many complaints have been made and nothing has been done by Ford..................................anyone?S death by this will be on their hands.

- Hobart, IN, USA

problem #171

Oct 082013


  • 42,000 miles
Started to accelerate and the car just has no power to go. Engine runs but touching the gas does nothing. Engine runs around 1K RPM's. the wrench light comes on. If you can live to turn the vehicle off and restart, the light goes out and the vehicle works fine. Seems like a lot of owners are having this problem. This is a life threatening problem.

- North Versailles, PA, USA

problem #170

Oct 082013


  • 178,000 miles
The contact owns a 2009 Ford Escape. The contact was driving approximately 80 mph when the vehicle failed to accelerate and stalled. The contact mentioned that the wrench symbol warning light illuminated. The vehicle was merged off road and restarted. The vehicle was not inspected or repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 178,000.

- Memphis, TN, USA

problem #169

Oct 032013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 81,000 miles
While traveling at normal speed, my vehicle lost power. The engine continued to run but I had no acceleration factor. I coasted to a median cross over as I was traveling on a four lane divided highway. I stopped and called a local mechanic who suggested I turn off the engine, wait and try restarting. He mentioned a "drive by wire". after restarting, I was able to take the vehicle to the mechanic with no further issues. He scanned the computer and found no error codes. The following day, the same thing happened. Twice now in two days. Should I fear for my safety in this vehicle. Since reading your article, I will contact my dealer. We are planning to travel to knoxville tn (400 miles one way) for thanksgiving - now I am afraid of this vehicle!

- Trafalgar, IN, USA

problem #168

May 092013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 60,000 miles
I was driving on a city road and the engine randomly died when I was traveling about 40mph. All the lights and radio/electronics remained on (never lost time or preset radio stations, headlights, dash, etc) but as I tried to give it some gas, it wouldn't respond. When I realized the engine was not running after a few seconds, the rpms were at 0 and the battery light and oil light was on. No codes thrown or check engine or wrench light. As I pulled over and put it in park, I attempted to start it, and it started right up like nothing was wrong. Didn't "cough" or crank and crank...fired just like it was brand new. I took the vehicle in to a local body shop and they checked normal issues that would cause the Escape to randomly shut off and did not find anything. Then I did research and determined there was an investigation upon the throttle body. This same issue has happened a total of 3 times, of which the most recent was in July and September.

- South Milwaukee, WI, USA

problem #167

Sep 302013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 55,000 miles
While driving the Ford Escape under normal driving and road conditions at 60 mph, I lost complete acceleration and had to steer the vehicle to the shoulder off the freeway to avoid traffic trailing behind and beside me. It was a dangerous situation to say the least. The engine was still running but I had no power to accelerate. I turned off the vehicle and restarted it. I was able to drive the vehicle slowly off the freeway with intermittent loss of acceleration and into a parking area. I was able to drive the vehicle to my home slowly with intermittent losses of acceleration, having to stop multiple times to turn off and restart my engine. I attempted to drive the vehicle from my home to an auto mechanic shop and the same situation occurred on the way to the shop. The engine check light and the wrench light was on the dashboard. The mechanic performed a computer diagnostics and it indicated a dirty or damaged throttle body. The mechanic cleaned the throttle, and I test drove the vehicle again. Within a short time of driving the vehicle the loss of complete acceleration occurred multiple times again. At that point the mechanic indicated that I would need to replace the throttle body. I called the Ford dealership and explained my situation, whereby they responded that they could examine my vehicle to determine the cause of the problem. They also indicated that the throttle body is not under the powertrain warranty. I strongly feel that this defect which poses a life threatening situation for owners, should be under recall as it has become a common problem with this make & model of Ford vehicle. I have read many on-line testimonials of other owners having the same problem and even some that had serious auto incidents.

- Corpus Christi, TX, USA

problem #166

Sep 202013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 72,100 miles
Traveling along a rural highway, vehicle suddenly lost power and wrench light came on. I was forced to coast dangerously to a safe place to pull over, with another vehicle nearly hitting me from behind due to the sudden loss of speed. Gas pedal seemed to not be working. Once vehicle came to a stop, the car had an extremely rough idle. After turning the car off and restarting, the problem seemed to be reset, and gas pedal worked again, but the problem occurred again the next day, dangerously again along an interstate highway. This should be a recall - the sudden deceleration is very dangerous!!!!

- Taylors, SC, USA

problem #165

Sep 242013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 29,000 miles
The Ford Escape lost power when we were driving on the highway. We had to limp back to home. It was really dangerous. Dropped the car in a Ford dealer. The technician told us the car has a failed trottle body. We are out of warranty and the replacement will cost us around $700. The car has less than 30,000 miles on it. Why could this happen?

- Katy, TX, USA

problem #164

Aug 262013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 64,000 miles
I have been having the same throttle body issues that many people have been having and want to submit my information to include. I have had the throttle body get stuck open many times and am currently in the process of finding a repair shop to replace it.

- Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

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