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Crashes / Fires:
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Injuries / Deaths:
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Average Mileage:
71,580 miles

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problem #159

Aug 172013


  • 69,000 miles
Driving down the street and the wrench light came on all of a sudden. Then my car dies. Put it in park then started it and as I tried to accelerate the car started to jerk then died. I repeated this till I got to the nearest repair shop and after $600 later found out it was the throttle body sensor. Ford won't sell the plastic sensor by itself, you have to buy the whole aluminum unit at $400! plus labor! I will never do business with Ford again! horrible quality parts. The worst part is I had my 11 year old son in the car when this happened.

- Carrollton , TX, USA

problem #158

Nov 252013


  • 72,200 miles
While driving steady at 50+ mph on an interstate, there was slight on again/off again hesitation while keeping constant pressure on the gas pedal. Without warning, the engine seemed to lose all power, and forced me to coast to the side of the road. A 'wrench' warning light appeared on my dashboard system, and while the engine had not stalled, it was running very low and rough. I again tried to apply pressure to the gas pedal and it was completely unresponsive. I turned the vehicle off, waited a few seconds and restarted it. It ran as if there was nothing wrong, and there were no more warning icons showing on the dashboard. It ran without issue for another 15 minutes on the highway, until it again lost all engine power, and this time the engine warning light came on instead of the wrench icon. Restarting it let me drive a few more miles to reach my home.

- Wesley Chapel, FL, USA

problem #157

Nov 212013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 87,210 miles
While driving on Monday 11/18/13 my wife was stopping then went to accelerate and the vehicle stalled. Upon turning it off it restarted just fine. This happen 3 more times from then to Tuesday evening. I drove it to work Wednesday 11/20/13 and while accelerating on to hwy 94 the vehicle stalled. It did hesitate upon restarting but started and ran. Wednesday evening on our way home doing approx 30mph the vehicle stalled and again hesitated to start but did and ran ok. Thursday morning 11/21/13 while on my way to work I was at cruising speed doing approx 60mph on hwy 94 the vehicle stalled. It hesitated to restart again but started after leaving the vehicle off for a few seconds.

- St.Paul, MN, USA

problem #156

Nov 142013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 60,280 miles
Vehicle suddenly lost power and slowed down. Symptoms match what others report to be a bad throttle body which Ford has changed design of. Has happened twice now. Ford says we have to pay for this repair but it sounds like it should be a recall.

- Aiken, SC, USA

problem #155

Nov 152011

Escape 6-cyl

  • 48,220 miles
Drive South on I-95 at rush hour heading home. With no warning engine power just goes away, check engine light came on and no matter how much the gas pedal was push there was no power from engine, hurried as it slowed down to the right lane and was able to exit. Shut off engine for 5 minutes started it up and all was good. 2nd time was light came on and engine just fluttered, service tech stated that the codes in computer were throttle actuator open.

- Wilmington, DE, USA

problem #154

Nov 052013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 117,000 miles
On Monday November 5th, 2013 I was driving my 2009 Ford Escape down the freeway at 9pm going home. I had been driving for about 10 minutes when the engine felt like it hesitated and stumbled. I realized that I could not get the vehicle to accelerate so I pulled off to the side of the road. There was a wrench symbol on the dash board. I experienced the same issue on Sunday November 11th, 2013 I was driving for about 15 minutes and the vehicle stumbled again and the symbol came on the dash. I turned the car off and waited 5 minutes. It started up and did not have any issues until today Tuesday November 12th, 2013. I was driving on the freeway at about 70 miles an hour and the engine stumbled again. I pulled off the side of the freeway and turned the vehicle off, waited 10 minutes and the car started up with no fault code on dash. I drove home the back roads. After investigating online I came across the article that this is a recurring event for the Ford Escapes.

- Kalamazoo, MI, USA

problem #153

Nov 012013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 50,000 miles
Vehicle lost power up steep hill almost resulting in rolling backwards down hill. Car had previously and intermittently lost power surge when accelerating onto highway into a merge situation.

- Wakefield, MA, USA

problem #152

Oct 252013


  • 69,784 miles
As exiting a highway the car just lost power. The gas pedal was useless and the rpms were about 1000. Pulled off to shoulder and shut car down, waited 5 minutes and started car and it was ok. Three days later it did the same thing while driving in the middle lane of highway. Had to coast to the shoulder did the same thing of shutting car down and starting again. Took car to dealership service and was determined it was the throttle body through diagonistics. The throttle body was replaced and reprogrammed. This defect may and will cause serious accidents and potential fatalities due to the way that the throttle just stops and the car is unable to speed to a needed speed for safety on highways.

- Mamaroneck, NY, USA

problem #151

Oct 242013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 110,030 miles
Vehicle enters limp mode and all power is lost, engine starts to stutter and tachometer jumps, wrench light (power-train) comes on. 3 times in 1 week. Mph = 60, 45, 30. Avoided accident and pulled over. Restarted vehicle and back to normal. No check engine light or codes stored. Dealer states they cannot diagnose unless they can recreate the problem. Danger of rear ending, T-bones upon left turns, and intersection pileups.

- Hope Mills, NC, USA

problem #150

Oct 042013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 65,324 miles
While driving at highway speed I lost acceleration. SUV shook then lost speed quickly. Was able to pull onto off road. Wrench lite on dash. I turned off SUV then restarted and lite went away. Drove to next turn off so I could turn around to head home. Samething happened on way home but after restarting SUV the wrench lite changed to engine service lite. Was able to get home from there. Took for service which concluded electronic throttle body was dirty so it cleaned. Was able to drive for about 20 days when issues accrued again. Throttle body needed replaced.

- Hudson, OH, USA

problem #149

Oct 222013


  • 75,000 miles
During a basic oil change, we were informed the oil pan needed to be replaced because the threads for the plug were stripped. The service manager, I am basing this on what we were told by trained Ford technicians, stated "the oil pan is made of aluminum and it has stripped out." When asked what the plug was made of he said, " steal.". so now we have a car that has an oil plug that could come open at any time because it has become unsafe due to steal on aluminum creating a hole larger than was designed. We have a piece of the pan that has been stripped by the plug. So, I am going 75 mph down the highway and the plug comes out because it no longer fits correctly. Suddenly my engines freezes up. I'll be lucky to keep it on the road. We are very concerned that we will have an engine issue due to the engineering of the oil pan/plug. As of now they want us to pay $485 for anew oil pan that was poorly engineered. A steal plug on an aluminum pan is asking for trouble. We request Ford be required to replace the pans with steal ones.

- Canon City, CO, USA

problem #148

Oct 172013


  • 103,000 miles
I was traveling 60mph in my 2009 Ford Escape on the highway and all of a sudden an orange wrench warning light came on and my car immediately drops to less than 10mph. I was fortunate enough to be able to get to the median with out incident. The car did start up again and was able to get to a mechanic after it did the same thing about 10X in a 15 mile drive. The mechanic said this was the second time in less than a month he had replaced the electronic throttle body in a 4 cylinder Ford Escape. This is very dangerous!!

- Goose Creek, SC, USA

problem #147

Oct 182013


  • 100,003 miles
I had just come off a highway exit ramp and drove about 100 yards at 40mph, when the car suddenly slowed down to a stop. The odometer dropped from 40mph to zero in about 4 seconds when I just coasted to the side of the road. A wrench light appeared on the dash. I place the car in park and the only power I had was the electric that powered the headlights. I shutoff the ignition and restarted the car after about 15 seconds. The start was sluggish and when I placed the car in drive, it jerked forward. The car acceleration was poor for about 10 seconds before it finally caught the proper gear. I drove the car another two miles at 30mph with a little bit of hesitation in the engine. At this point the wrench light on the dash shut off. I have had no further issues since.

- Carmel, NY, USA

problem #146

Oct 172013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 51,500 miles
While driving the vehicle at around 50 mph it lost all reaction to the accelerator and coasted to a stop while in heavy traffic. I turned the car off and waited 5 minutes, then started it again and began to drive. Within seconds the vehicle repeated the incident. I managed to get it into my driveway after repeated stops and restarts of the engine.

- Trenton, MI, USA

problem #145

Oct 112013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 85,500 miles
As I was driving and the cruise control was set the road I was traveling had slight hills. It seems as though when the car went to down shift and speed up is when it lost power and went into limp mode. The last occurrence was on 10-17-13 while I was driving on a flat road. I had to brake for traffic when I went to accelerate is when it lost power and went into limp mode.

- St. Paul, MN, USA

problem #144

Sep 152013

Escape 4-cyl

  • 98,000 miles
Earlier in the day, the car lunged and it felt like it had dropped out of gear. Later that evening while driving home from vacation, I lost all acceleration from the pedal. Luckily I was able to coast off the highway and get out of the flow of traffic. I turned the car off, let it sit for a minute and then restarted. It went into gear and I was able to get the car home. It did this about 4 more times over the next few days. A computer test showed it was the throttle body. I just replaced and the problem seems to be resolved. This failure could have placed my family in a very dangerous situation, especially if we would have been crossing traffic when all acceleration was lost.

- Virginia Beach, VA, USA

problem #143

Oct 112013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 33,000 miles
When driving on a busy 4 lane road, the vehicle suddenly lost fuel power and began creeping down the road at less than 5 km/H the wrench light was flashing and it was a few hundred meters to the nearest side street, fortunately I was able to make it to the side street without getting struck by traffic moving 60 km/H faster than I was, I thought that the computer may have had a one time failure but this happened again 3 days after with my young son in the back seat. That was Monday Oct 14 2013, I am super mad at Ford for not recalling this throttle body problem already it seems like a constant point of failure and it is unsafe to drive these cars when this is happening.

- London, OH, USA

problem #142

Oct 082013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 86,000 miles
The first time I had a throttle failure (first time wrench light came on), I was on the free way going about 65 mph. My acceleration quickly died and the gas pedal was inactive and useless while my car slowed down. I pulled over on the side of the freeway left shoulder going North on the 5, and after a few minutes, my car turned back on and worked fine. I took my car to Firestone to cleanup throttle, only to find myself experience another car breakdown for the same reason the next day on the freeway going the same speed, this occurred 2 more times going about 25 mph the next day. All 4 times, , my wrench light came on my Escape as well as completely dying as far as acceleration. Each time, I had to pull over to the side. The last time this occurred was earlier today 10/10/13 as I was makin a left at a red light. Where I was afraid my car would not make it through the intersection.

- Vista, CA, USA

problem #141

Oct 092013

Escape 6-cyl

  • 59,802 miles
I was driving to work on the expressway during the morning rush hour doing 70 mph when my vehicle stalled. I had to risk moving over three lanes to the off ramp without having power. I rolled up the exit ramp and pulled safely to the side of the road. I was able to restart the car but noticed both the check engine light and service light were on. The car died two additional times before I got to an auto repair shop. The repair shop told me the service code was P2111 which indicated a problem with the throttle. This was a terrible incident and I was relieved to make it safely off the road.

- Livonia, MI, USA

problem #140

Sep 122013


  • 75,000 miles
The contact owns 2009 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, there was a sudden reduction in engine power as the vehicle failed to respond upon engagement of the accelerator pedal. The wrench warning indicator illuminated on the instrument panel. The vehicle was maneuvered to the side of the road where the engine was turned off. The vehicle resumed normally once restarted. The failure recurred five times. The manufacturer was not notified of the defect. The contact was awaiting diagnosis of the failure by an authorized dealer. The approximate failure mileage was 75,000.

- Rochester, NY, USA

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