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Crashes / Fires:
2 / 8
Injuries / Deaths:
6 / 0
Average Mileage:
56,616 miles

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problem #185

Apr 042016


  • 30,000 miles
I was driving and made a right turn and the power steering gave out for a few seconds. Then once I straightened back out I could not reproduce the problem. This has happened several times but can happen when turning either way.

- Houghton Lake, MI, USA

problem #184

Jul 142019


  • 82,000 miles
When entering onto the interstate I felt the truck was not getting up to speed. I then noticed on my dashboard a big wrench. I felt my truck continue to not gain speed even though I was stepping on the gas.the screen then went black and and when the dashboard came back on I had nothing showing. No mph, fuel economy, etc and I was stuck in 5th gear.I could not increase speed but only decrease if I stepped on the break.I don't know how fast I was going but it was not fast at all since everyone was passing me(maybe 40 mph).I also noticed my airbag light was on. I had to pull over on the interstate and restart my truck.once I did that everything came back on and worked for the rest of the ride. I was recently part of a Ford recall but had that fixed.I had the automatic downshifting happen to me 3 times before the first recall was in place. I just got a letter last week that they need to redo the recall, I had the downshifting happen to me and this was not it. This is a entirely different safety issue that is making me afraid to drive my own truck since most of my time is on the interstate. Photos are attached of what was happening to me on the interstate.

- Deltona, FL, USA

problem #183

Jun 182019


  • 82,015 miles
IżM calling this a safety issue due to erratic unlocking of driver door. Door when operated by remote to unlock, most times needs 2 actuations, of handle to actually open by user. My wife after shopping felt a presence and tried to enter our vehicle and was badly frightened when she could not enter immediately she pulled on handle without opening door and thought she had not actuated the remote correctly she preformed the action to unlock and had to pull door handle 2 times to enter and lock it to feel safe. He vehicle was stationary and I donżT know if this fits the standard for a safety issue. It seemed like it at the time. Dealer wants a diagnostic charge to remedy which I thought was unfair vehicle has 82,000 miles

- Knoxville, TN, USA

problem #182

Jul 042019


  • 69,000 miles
Traveling 50 mph on a 4 lane road when engine shut off. Had power to vehicle but no steering or brakes. I was able to get off the 4 lane highway successfully. The truck would turn over but not crank, after sitting 90 minutes, it cranked. Took to Ford dealership the next morning. They said it was the #27 fuse that controls the fuel pump. Put a kit in to move the #27 fuse to an isolated location so it wouldn't get hot and malfunction. The cost was $250. I asked it there was a recall and they said no. I said someone is going to get killed because this is dangerous. The response was we have been getting a lot of these. I was lucky and was able to get off the road. The next person might not be as lucky. Something needs to be done before someone is fatally injured.

- Conover, NC, USA

problem #181

Dec 312018


  • 45,000 miles
Truck would not start. Ford dealer found burnt fuse causing fuel pump failure

- Conway, SC, USA

problem #180

Jun 122019


  • 50,000 miles
I was driving on the freeway in the fast lane. Suddenly the wrench warning light and check engine light came on, and the car experienced what appeared to be a total loss of engine power. I placed the hazard lights on and was able to navigate to the shoulder, with 18 wheelers and other cars trying to react to my sudden loss of power and speed. After turning the car off, and restarting it, it appears ok to proceed. This same incident has happened now 8 times in the last few days. I took the car into Ford and they are claiming it's an issue with the throttle body. I mentioned that I see a throttle body recall for 2015-2016 F-150's, but Ford is denying the issue, indicating there is no recall for my 2013. I find many complaints identical to mine for F-150's earlier than 2015. They also claim Ford denies the issue and refuses to fix the problem. Most also reference concern for a significant safety issue, feeling that Ford will only fix this once people die. I took my F-150 to the local Ford dealer today and they verified it was the throttle body, and are charging me $650 to fix it. I have read from others that the component used to fix the problem is the original faulty component, so there is no reason to feel that the problem will not happen again eventually. I have experienced four times on the freeway at 65mph, and several times on city streets at 30mph. I was driving straight, not braking.

- Livermore, CA, USA

problem #179

Jun 142019


  • miles
I received notice of recall to schedule repair (software) upgrade. I contacted the dealer several times to only be told to keep calling back to see if they have received the software upgrade from Ford. They said there is no problem with continuing to drive the truck until the problem is repaired.

- Atoka, TN, USA

problem #178

Jun 122019


  • 58,000 miles
I was on my way to work as a firefighter for my shift when with no warning my truck went from high gear straight down to first gear then to park causing sudden stop and a minor accident on I275 cincinnatti then coming home it instantly went into park on us route 50 causing my truck to go out of control and swerved over into the oncoming lane almost hitting someone head on then could not move the truck as it was stuck in park sitting sideways between both lanes I finally was able to get it to move again but it barely moved as it was in high gear stuck there. I was able to barely remove it from the road and had to have a tow truck retrieve it and bring it to my house this is a real safety issue that Ford is not in a hurry to fix on a recall issue on the transmissions therefore leaving me without a truck or vehicle to drive almost had a serious crash twice now. Plus my transmission is completely out of my truck now no movement for any loading etc.

- Amelia, OH, USA

problem #177

Jun 072019


  • 66,200 miles
While driving on major highway I lost power to my 2013 F150 6.2L. I had a tractor trailer on my right side and a jerk tailgating me. I finally managed to get the vehicle to the breakdown lane. I really thought I was going to be in a major accident.

- Lisbon, CT, USA

problem #176

May 212018


  • 70,350 miles
I have file with you about this before and it has been a recall for this problem but the Ford company has not taken care of this problem nor have they taken care of a second recall for another problem with this truck both of these problems together have almost cause 3 very near accidents for me the most recent I was pulling a trailer and entering and on ramp to interstate I-94 on entering as normal I tried to exhilarate to highway speed when all of a sudden all power to the drive train stopped and the truck went into a natural mode (like pushing the clutch in on a standard shift transmission) at that point I was in the drive lane right side but 2 semis one passing the other were barrowing down on me I had to cut sharply to the right and off the shoulder of the highway to keep from being hit buy one of the semi's the Ford company stated they would have the parts and the soft wear to fix this problem by the 2nd quarter of 2019 it is now the second half and the problem continues to get worse it now clucks when shifting up from 3 to 4 and sometimes down shifting and when taken your foot off the gas pedal for a few seconds then then push on the gas pedal again the trans will clunk again when I test drove this truck before I bought it I told them there was something wrong with the drivetrain and they told me there was nothing wrong with it that I needed to learn how to drive a six speed transmission the thing about that and they don't know me before I retired I was the floor and operations manager for the community garage of battle creek mich. I have had this truck in to them 2 different times and 2 different dealerships plus I.ve taken it in 3 other times but after making and appointment and telling them I would need a loner which the warranty covers then when I get there no loner plus I would have to pay a $100 fee on the warranty for the thing they never fixed (19V-075)

- Battle Creek, MI, USA

problem #175

May 172019


  • 72,000 miles
I received my Ford recall notice on the need to reprogram power train module on or about April 1st 2019. My first instance of my 2013 F150 stx supercab, going into sudden downshift mode and then limp mode (blue wrench signal) occurred around April 12, 2019. I was driving at about 30 miles an hour on a city street when my truck when the truck downshifted by itself and the blue wrench light appeared. My truck went into limp mode and I was unable to drive. After pulling over to the side of the street, I turned off my truck, waited a few minutes and then the issue resolved itself. I took my vehicle into the Ford dealership on April 18, 2019 where recall 19S07 6R80 (reprogram power train module) work was completed. On May 17, 2019, while driving about 30 miles an hour on a city street (without notice or cause) my truck again went into downshift mode, limp mode and the blue wrench light came on. Same as the first instance, I pulled over to the side of the street, turned off my truck, waited a few minutes and when I turned on the truck again the issue was resolved. It was clear that this issue was electrical and no mechanical and the original recall work completed by the dealership did not resolve the issue. On 05/19/2019, I again took my truck to the Ford dealership where this time the module lead frame was replaced after code P0722 was identified. I want the record to reflect that the first recall, reprogramming of the power train module did not work, and left me at risk of a second downshifting incident occurring. My truck had a second incident and after returning to the dealership a second time the leadframe was replaced. I also want to note that the dealership's data that the original recall work was completed on 04/26/2019 is inaccurate. The original recall work was performed by the dealership on 04/18/2019.

- Mcallen, TX, USA

problem #174

May 202019


  • 73,160 miles
My rear sliding window defrost stopped working and the indicator light did not come on. I drove the truck on a county road (55 mph) about 5 miles( 10 minutes) and I looked in the rearview mirror and saw smoke coming out from behind the passenger side headrest against the glass. A few seconds later I heard a loud pop and the right side rear window pane shattered. I was able to safely pull to the side of the road and I pulled the relay fuse for the window defrost. The glass stayed intact except for a few shards of glass that I found on the seat.

- Inver Grove Hgts., MN, USA

problem #173

May 162019


  • 102,000 miles
My truck failed to start, and when I investigated the issue I found fuse 27 (located in the battery junction box at the front of the engine bay) melted causing circuit for the fuel pump to open which left the truck without a functioning fuel system (fuse 27 is part of the circuit for the fuel pump). Replacing the damaged fuse resolved the issue while a more robust solution is determined. If this had happened during operation the vehicle would have lost power, been unable to steer due to an electric assisted steering system and become a hazard for other vehicles while putting the occupants of the truck, and any vehicle that collides with it, at risk for injury or death. Ford issued a technical service bulletin (tsb 15-0137), but this is not commonly known outside of vehicle-specific social media platforms on the internet (https://www.Ford-trucks.com/forums/1449733-tsb-15-0137-fuel-pump-fuse.html). Ford knows about the issue and the consequences are obvious. The fix Ford recommends is inexpensive (under $30 in parts) and not very time consuming (0.6 flag hours).

- Denton, TX, USA

problem #172

Apr 282019


  • 92,343 miles
The contact owns a 2013 Ford F-150. The contact stated that while driving, the service advance trac warning light intermittently illuminated. In addition, the contact stated that while attempting to drive, the steering wheel seized as the power steering and service advance trac warning lights illuminated. The vehicle was not able to drive. The contact stated that the vehicle would be towed to his residence. The vehicle was not taken to a dealer. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 92,343.

- Dallas, TX, USA

problem #171

May 072019


  • 154,700 miles
Driving on major highway, 65-75 mph, lost engine power and had to pull over, trying not to cause a wreck, and stopped between busy highway and on-ramp to the highway. Found that the engine had stalled and wouldnżT restart. Found #27 fuse melted. Changed fuse and was able to restart engine. I donżT like repairing Ford's engineering mistakes, nor do I like being put in danger because of them. I use this truck for work and have a lifetime's accumulation of specialty tools kept in this truck for my job. If the truck goes up in flames, will Ford replace what is lost? the way this fuse, fuse box, and the connection has failed looks as there can potentially be a fire. In my case, there was an interruption in normal traffic flow, at high speed, that could a resulted in a wreck, injury, death, etc. I will fix this, probably on my own dime. What I donżT understand is why is this not required to be fixed by Ford. It's an obvious safety hazard that even Ford has acknowledged and provided a tsb to address the problem.

- Euless, TX, USA

problem #170

Apr 262019


  • 90,000 miles
The truck shifts into emergency mode while driving and I have to pull over and stop shut off vehicle and restart. While in idle the vehicle shakes. It is at the Ford dealer in beatrice Nebraska and they have stated that the electric throttle body needed replaced... 400$ repair. Also, air conditioning compressor went out $1500 repair on a 2013 vehicle!

- Beatrice, NE, USA

problem #169

Apr 302019


  • 15 miles
Ford F-150 recall: The vehicle was in motion while driving on the highway at 60-65 miles per hour, the rear tires locked momentarily then release as the vehicle slowed but never loss power. It was raining and the windshield wipers intermittently changed speeds...faster/slower/faster. The day before the speedometer stopped working while the vehicle was in motion. May all be related to the oss.

- Kansas City, MO, USA

problem #168

Feb 072019


  • 82,000 miles
Rear defrost and defrost light wonżT come on. Upon further research problem will explode the rear window. Only way to solve rear defrost problem is to replace whole rear window.

- Whitestown, IN, USA

problem #167

Apr 092019


  • 50,000 miles
As reported by hundreds of other users, a faulty rear defroster has caused the rear windshield to spontaneously shattered and got pieces in the rear seat. Luckily I was parked at my work parking lot, and there was no child in the backseat. There needs to be a recall or a fix for this. As well as reimbursement for my window.

- Clute, TX, USA

problem #166

Dec 272018


  • 113,000 miles
We have had the back door lock freeze and cannot unlock back doors. We are replacing passenger back door lock for second time and have replaced driver side back door lock once. This is very dangerous as doors cannot be opened from inside and if in accident it could cause a death. There needs to be an investigation into this matter. Three times replacing locks is too much!

- Redfield, AR, USA

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