pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
9,200 miles
Total Complaints:
31 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (21 reports)
  2. no solution; Honda told me to check oil every 500 miles (5 reports)
  3. change oil frequently (2 reports)
  4. Honda said drive at high RPMs & avoid short drives (1 reports)
  5. remove excess oil (1 reports)
  6. replace head assembly and injectors (1 reports)
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problem #11

Jan 012018

CR-V Touring 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 9,942 miles

Got my oil changed for free, was also told that if the oil level rises even a bit to alert them and they would offer free oil changes until the fix comes out. This is for Winnipeg Honda. This URL explains it best and helps direct you to the various places to have your voice heard! http://www.hondaproblems.com/trends/crv-oil-dilution/

- natesimon204, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

problem #10

Mar 302018

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 4,007 miles

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high oil level with gas in oil

I have been following the complaints on two forums and started noticing my oil level creep up over the winter months. This problem is not limited to the 1.5 L turbo engine as I have the 2.4L normally aspirated version as do some others finding the same problem.

At an early (4000 miles) oil and filter change, which I performed myself, I found the level at 3/4" above the full mark. This amounted to 22 ounces over full. I have stored the oil removed and cut open the filter to inspect for any signs of engine damage. No particles, beyond what would normally be expected for the first oil change on a new vehicle were noted. After installing a new Honda oil filter I carefully added the required 4.7 quarts for the 2.4L engine as indicated by the owners manual. I checked the oil level after a run and saw it exactly in the right spot for a full amount. After 150 miles I checked it again and it was 1/4" above the full mark.

If Honda is going to recommend that we "change the oil more frequently" they had better be prepared to supply owners of these affected vehicles with free oil and filters for the duration of the warranty period, excluding regularly scheduled oil changes.

I have read where someone had the Honda dealer replace their 1.5L engine with a new one and still the problem persists.

- Ron C., Williamsport, US

problem #9

Feb 222018

CR-V ES 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,500 miles

On February 23, 2018, my car which has 5500 miles on it, started making a horrible noise and began losing power while on the highway. The noise continued throughout the weekend. Honda and Toyota determined through video chats and conference calls that the cams were destroyed in my engine. They believe this had to do with fuel and oil mixing and getting into the engine.

Honda Corporate (800-999-1009) requested that Ashland Honda replace the head of the Engine. They have no fix for the problem with the fuel and oil mixing and destroying the engine. The Service Manager said because the government is involved due to emissions, this issue will be continuing, and at this time there is no fix. He also stated that Corporate informed him this was a Regional issue due to our climate, and they are currently trying to figure out a software fix for the problem. No resolution at this point. Corporate further stated that they are seeing this issue when the temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees. Where do they think we live????

I was offered a 100,000 extended warranty and recommended that I go to the dealer every 500 miles to get an oil change to see if fuel is mixing with the oil. Shocked at the lack of resolution, I asked the Service Manager if Honda Corporate was comfortable giving me my car back after the cams were replaced with no resolution, and he said Yes.

I do not believe this is ethical at all for Honda to not have a fix to an engine problem that could endanger myself and/or my family. I am not comfortable taking this car back knowing that the engine could be “scorched” again while driving to a destination. It is neither safe nor prudent to drive a vehicle that has such engine problems considering it has less than 6000 miles. This is a BRAND NEW Car!

Half of my car engine is being replaced when the parts are in. Again, this is not a resolution to the problem, only fixing what broke due to the fuel injector issue that is having oil and fuel joining and then destroying the engine.

Update from Mar 28, 2018: Update on gas/oil dilution. Top half of my engine was replaced; still not resolution from Honda Corporate. They say they are working on a fix; no set date for this. Continuing to contact Honda Corporate for a resolution. Will be going to Mediation.

- Teresa L., Ashland, WI, US

problem #8

Apr 022018

CR-V Touring 1.5L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 13,670 miles

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high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil

The pictures depict day 2 and day 3 after an oil change. You can see the oil level rising (being diluted with gas) and turning black already. Disregard the somewhat low level on dipstick because my garage is sloped; on a flat surface the oil level on day 2 was actually just below the full mark.

Honda is aware of this issue but they are not taking it seriously. Check the following links for more info and some people's stories (including mine):




- Alexandre C., Brampton, ON, Canada

problem #7

Jan 022018

CR-V 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,700 miles

4.3% gas in oil. Also a lack of heat. No fix in sight!! I have been lied to and got the run around!

- Trevor M., Jackson, US

problem #6

Jan 162018

CR-V EXL 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 7,456 miles

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high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil

Honda has been aware for months now but still has no solution. Although Honda in China stated in a press release that this issue would not cause engine damage I believe my oil analysis report provides evidence to the contrary. I was told upon receiving my report that oil was at approximately 5% of the viscosity it should have and that the wear metals number should not be higher then 20. My number was 218. That's insanely high. Honda has yet to respond to this oil analysis report.

Update from Mar 28, 2018: Also, when my oil was changed after only 3000 km nearly 7L of oil??? was drained. Only 3.5L should be present.

- chillier91, Fort Smith, NT, Canada

problem #5

Mar 152018

CR-V EX-L 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 6,000 miles

I bought the new 2017 Honda CR-V back in Jan, 2017. Got the first oil change when it reach 20% and about 3500K miles. Then I heard a lot of people on Facebook complained about the gas in oil dilution problem, I checked my oil stick and the oil level was high, smelled more like gas than oil. I brought my CR-V to the dealership service twice and they said "that is the way this vehicle oil should be". I also experienced the bad sulfuric, like rotten egg smell with the engine. While all these are happening, Honda has issues 3500 recalled on the 2017 Honda CR-V in China, but no similar recall is make in the USA yet. Currently, I am still driving this CR-V nervously and I notice the engine is getting louder, and shakier by day. I think it is only a matter of time that it will break down.

- Ngoc N., Pflugerville, TX, US

problem #4

Feb 282018

CR-V LX 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 7,767 miles

Brought my 2017 CR-V 1.5L in to dealer due to an unusual engine noise and was told by dealer that the engine oil was very over filled and diluted with gas. This resulted in engine damage and the dealer has told me they will replace entire cylinder head. They have not told me that there is a fix to the cause of the problem nor can they tell me how long it will take to fix the damage. I opened a case with Honda Canada on March 3rd via email, no response other than a "do not replay" auto-response indicating someone would be in touch shortly. Posted publicy and messaged them on national FB page but got same reply as auto-responder. There are many people having this issue if you look. Honda needs to address this problem and communicate with their affected customers as to what the plan is. They also need to either offer buy-backs or extend the warranty once resolved to 6 years. This will have a huge impact on resale, not to mention people are making payments and insuring vehicles that are in the shop. Some people have been without their vehicles for over 2 months. There's a reason China has halted sales of these vehicles.

- billoster, Airdrie, AB, Canada

problem #3

Feb 212018

CR-V Touring 1.5L 16V Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 7,143 miles

I brought the CRV in for 1st oil change at 7143 miles, told them about the clicking noise, the response was it was normal. The noise got louder so took it in. They agreed something was wrong. Had an appointment for March 21st with 7583 miles. Cause: the rattle and tick is caused by the head not getting proper lubrication because of the over abundance of fuel in the crankcase. They were instructed to replace the head assembly and injectors. Meanwhile they changed the oil and filter told me I could drive it for it will not hurt the motor. hmmmm? They will call me when the parts come in. I hope the problem can be resolved but I am skeptical. For I have read other complaints of this problem which have not been resolved and hope I am not stuck with a $36,000 problem car!

- Rick P., Wausau, WI, US

problem #2

Mar 222018

CR-V Touring 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 8,000 miles

3/23/2017 Took my Honda CRV 2017 to dealer for oil change and told them that it does not heat up and gas mileage has gone down and the motor is ticking and it smells of Burnt oil when idling and I checked all oil level and it was high the dealer told me there is A known problem with this model the mechanic looked at it and said they have to replace the heads and the parts will come within a week so I cannot drive the car it has to stay there at the dealers the told me to call Honda Corp and made a case so I did and the Corp told me they will call me next week

Update from May 8, 2018: Have been to the Ashland Honda dealer several times with high oil level with fuel in it and getting bad fumes inside the car 4/23/18 they replaced the fuel injectors and changed oil and filter told mechanic to drive it he lives 70 miles away in Hayward had for the weekend came back on Monday had high oil level with fuel in it again they replaced the oil and filter and gave the car back to me and told me to drive 500 miles then bring it back I drove 75 miles and brought it back to them With the same problem they said they could not do anything until I drive 500 miles so I drove for the weekend and put on 200 miles and brought it back to him and showed him that had fuel in the oil again and they told me they would not do anything until I drive 500 miles on it then bring it back to them I did that still had the bathrooms inside the cab with the same problem they said they could not do anything until I drive 500 miles so I drove for the weekend and put on 200 miles and brought back to him and showed him that had fuel in the oil again and they told me they would not do anything until I drive 500 miles on it then bring it back to them I did that still had the bad fumes inside the car and high Oil level with fuel in it they replaced the oil and filter again and Honda corp the guys name was kaleem when I called them to make a complaint again said they were not going to buy it back they were not going to do anything more and told me to look in the owners manual to find the consumer information booklet and read that I have asked to speak to a supervisor to ask for my case to be escalated to the next level they denied me that I’m getting really fed up with this Honda they know that they have problems with these vehicles they took them off the market in China

- brad3, Ashland, US

problem #1

Jan 062018


  • CVT transmission
  • 4,800 miles

click to see larger images

high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil

On 01/06/18 I could smell rotten eggs and gas inside the cabin as well as the outside just after I started the car. Drove car 70 miles and the Emissions and Engine light came on and the car was hesitating, so I pulled over to wait for a tow to the nearest Honda Service Center. The car was there for 3 weeks and they just did a band-aid fix. Changed oil as it was 1 quart over full and a strong order of gas was present. They also did a computer adjustment to the injectors. Just 700 miles later and I have a strong smell of gas in the oil and will be getting a second oil change due to this oil dilution.

Update from Apr 11, 2018: My 2017 CR-V has now been into service 3 times for the oil dilution in less then 2500 miles. The last 2 times the oil was diluted 2 are over recommended around due to gas in the oil which is destroying the engine. 451 miles into the last oil change.

- Holly W., Silver Bay, US