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problem #22

Feb 282017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 500 miles
There's always a 2-3 seconds hesitation in situations where acceleration is necessary. After 2-3 seconds of hesitation after stepping on the pedal for acceleration, the car revs and produces high pitched and loud sound with no acceleration or accelerates abruptly. Quickly merging into highway, making turns, changing lanes from a full stop and slow movement feel like playing russian roulette. Hyundai service center always claims they cannot replicate my complaint and my concern is ignored.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

problem #21

Mar 102019

Santa Fe Sport

  • 28,000 miles
Just got this car 2 weeks ago and it hesitates when turning or trying to get out into traffic. Very scary! has happened 4 times at random under the same circumstance of turning or merging..

- Englewood, CO, USA

problem #20

Mar 052018

Santa Fe Sport

  • 24,000 miles
When making a left or right 90 degrees turn from a stopped position exiting a driveway or from a stop sign on smooth surfaced roads, upon acceleration, at the midpoint of the turn the forward momentum starts to lag and pressing the gas peddle results in what feels like a loss of or reduction of engine power causing potential for not getting up to a safe speed to merge safely in front of oncoming traffic. Complained to the Hyundai dealer that stated was a computer issue having to do with traction control and requires an update which is not available at this time.

- Palmer, AK, USA

problem #19

Mar 272018

Santa Fe Sport

  • 8,500 miles
I have a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe sport 2.0 with 8500 miles on it. Since I took possession of this car, I have been having repeated occurrences of engine stalling coupled with the traction control light going on. This happens when I make either left or right turns into traffic: Acceleration stalls completely for 2-3 seconds, and the traction control warning light flashes. I cannot get the car to accelerate at all, even with the pedal fully depressed to the floor. The engine revs extremely hard, but the car does not accelerate. This happens on completely dry pavement. There is something seriously wrong with the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe, and someone is going to die as a result of this problem. I have come close to being rear ended multiple times, and I have nearly been T-boned when taking a turn in front of on-coming traffic. I have researched this problem online, and it is wide spread with hundreds of identical complaints. This needs to be addressed immediately before someone dies in the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe.

- Naperville, IL, USA

problem #18

May 012017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 3,007 miles
This initially started around 3K miles. We thought the vehicle adjusting to our driving patterns; however overtime it became a constant problem. I called the service dept. & they'd not heard of this occurring. It's getting much worse and I'm afraid to drive it. The vehicle randomly at no specific speed seems to either get stuck in a gear or try to stall turning left, right (dry conditions) or as I'm on the highway moving lanes; no specific mph. (this is a driving death machine and for safety purposes I refuse to put other lives at risk) there's a 2-4 sec. Delay, forcing me to punch the gas (my grandfather or father would have stated; "sounds like sawdust in your engine") to get my vehicle to move; ultimately a near miss of a fatal incident on two separate occasions and becoming very close to getting T-boned due to this dangerously "unpredictable & extremely unsafe" vehicle. My husband was fed up and took the vehicle into the dealership.we provided detailed explanations of our experiences. Yesterday received back from service tech our invoice of service work and they state no problems; & update cause to resolution :tsb 17-BR0002 tcs update. In normal driving conditions from 5 mph to 20mph the rpms shouldn't suddenly increase to 5K without forward motion. This occurs in normal, eco, and sport at sporadic times. My vehicle has 10,223 miles this morning.I spoke with hyundaiusa & inquired of a buyback for vehicle considering the seriousness of the vehicle's safety and because the service technician stated there's no fix now or in the near future. An engineer from Hyundai Corp would have to come and there's no idea when (?). so I respectfully request an investigation into the seriousness of this safety. If there's any potential of preventing lost lives of children and babies, please help.

- Parker, CO, USA

problem #17

Feb 232018

Santa Fe Sport

  • 11,000 miles
While turning left from a stop onto a state highway in northern California all accelerative capability was lost when the vehicle crossed a set of railroad tracks at an estimated 5 mph, mid-way through the turn. The AWD vehicle is equipped with a 2.4L normally aspirated engine. The vehicle was in the 'eco' driving mode and the automatic transmission was in the 'd' range. Attempts to add power via the accelerator pedal were met with no increase in engine RPM and, consequently, no increase in vehicle speed. The condition persisted for 10-12 seconds, during which time the vehicle traveled only 75-90 feet with the accelerator pedal nearly ┐floored.┐ there was no shoulder and only one lane in each direction, which precluded moving the vehicle to a place of relative safety. The weather conditions were sunny and clear, and the temperature was 55F. The roadway surface was clean dry, and free of loose material or contaminants. The incident occurred on a tangent section of highway with no grade and a crown slope of approximately 2-percent.

- Galt, CA, USA

problem #16

Feb 192018

Santa Fe Sport

  • 400 miles
Severe hesitation occurs when trying to accelerate form a stop. Hesitation occurs intermittently and happens when turning right or left. More likely to happen if the road surface that the vehicle is turning on to is rough. The vehicle will begin to accelerate and then lose acceleration. Although pressing the accelerator the car does not speed up even though the engine revs up. After about 3 seconds the vehicle then responds and begins to accelerate. Situation may occur 3 or 4 times a week. This is a safety concern because I have almost been hit from behind because the vehicle slows down without warning.

- Wilmington, DE, USA

problem #15

Jan 102018

Santa Fe Sport

  • 9,230 miles
Yesterday, while driving the warning light symbols for the ESC and dbc came on out of the blue. I was on a local road, no incline or decline, a straight level road with traffic moving at about 30 mph. Immediately the car seemed as though it did not want to go forward. I pulled over and turned the car off and on again and the warning symbols disappeared. I continued home and parked the car. While in park, the two warning symbols illuminated again with an additional warning of mil. The vehicle is still in park and a message comes across the console that there is something possibly wrong with the transmission and the vehicle could lose power. I turned it off and on again and on the 3rd try, the warning symbols disappeared. I took it to the Hyundai dealer this afternoon for service and on the invoice it stated that an inhibitor switch was installed / recall completed. Now I never received notice that there was a recall for my vehicle nor can I find anything online regarding problems with this issue.

- Apopka, FL, USA

problem #14

Oct 132017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 75 miles
Transmission shifting is erratic. Stumbles/slams into gear 90% of the time. Shifting is felt throughout entire car. Transmission upshifts way to early when slowly accelerating or driving at low speeds. Car could be going 20 mph and has already put itself in 4th or 5th gear. Then when you try to accelerate, the car bucks and will eventually slam into the lower gear that it should have been in. Makes it very difficult and uncomfortable to drive in stop and go traffic. Transmission doesn't downshift properly either. You must come to a complete stop before making a turn onto a street. If not, the car will not downshift to the correct gear and when you try to accelerate, the car will start bucking and eventually slams into the appropriate gear. I took the car to springfield Hyundai in springfield, pa to have it looked at. After waiting there for 3 hours, they told me that they couldn't replicate the issue I was complaining about, but performed a "software update" that may help. I'm still not sure how a car that was purchased only a month prior, from a Hyundai dealer, had a "software update" that wasn't performed before I purchased it. The 14 year old Honda element that I traded in on this car shifted and drove smoother.

- Secane, PA, USA

problem #13

Dec 042017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 8,500 miles
Starting from a dead stop or at low speeds this vehicle hesitates to go for at least 3-4 seconds making it unsafe if another vehicle is coming at you. When turning from a dead stop the anti slip light comes on when this occurs, this has happened during dry weather. This occurs most frequently in either eco or regular driving mode, not so much with sport mode. I don't like driving in sport mode too much as it wastes fuel. I've noted a whole lot of complaints of this issue and feel that Hyundai needs to do something about this, before an accident occurs! we leased this vehicle in Dec 2016 and it has less than 9000 miles on it as of this Dec 2017.

- Salem, OR, USA

problem #12

May 292017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 300 miles
I purchased vehicle 5/25/17. Noticed that sometimes a delayed acceleration from a stop. It has gotten much more frequent and is a problem in traffic or making a turn. Had couple of scary moments. I have contacted the dealer several times to schedule an appointment, but no one calls me back and getting very frustrated as this is a safety issue. I live 30 miles from the dealer so am going to have to make a special trip there.

- Townsend, GA, USA

problem #11

Aug 062016

Santa Fe Sport

  • 150 miles
I bought my car in July of 2016. Since then I had issue with the acceleration. Sometimes car takes longer to start from the stop position and when it starts, it just accelerates. On other occasions, the car feels like stalling while driving and then pick up the speed again. This is an ongoing issue and I had bought to the sales person's knowledge at the beginning, when he drove around to feel about the same, it didn't occur at that time. But, every now and then this seems to be the issue with me.

- New City, NY, USA

problem #10

Sep 222016

Santa Fe Sport

  • 2,000 miles
Vehicle shakes and jerks at 50 mph on a 30% up grade. Unknown answer by dealership. Dealership has seen vehicle 3 times for this and all they said they did was reset sensors. This did not remedy the issue. I am not pleased or satisfied with results.

- Durham, NC, USA

problem #9

Apr 102017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 250 miles
Vehicle hesitates for a second or two when accelerating, both from a fully stopped position, or while driving at low speeds. Did not test high speeds. This can be a safety concern when merging into traffic, especially on a highway. Dealer service said they could not reproduce the issue, but it is very real, and very scary. I had documented this issue several times with Hyundai support but they just keep closing the case without any action.

- Brooklyn, NY, USA

problem #8

Aug 282017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 2,900 miles
Excessive engine braking on downhill roll with cruise engaged, will downshift then downshift again. While reducing the speed the cruise will cause the transmission to up-shift still rolling down the same hill at this point the cruise realizes the speed increase and does a double downshift from where it was. At this point the RPM has jumped to just under 5000 with the engine whining like its in pain. I live in and travel, to and from work in the lower savannah river area of South Carolina. The hill that I was on is about the length football field and the speed limit is 55mph unsure of the grade, but as I explained where we live. The first time I noticed this issue the odometer had just over a thousand miles and just thought it was an anomaly but now it has just under three thousand miles and it still has the problem. The car was purchased as a wedding gift for my wife and she's scared to drive it because of the cruise control issues. She would rather drive her 2007 Santa Fe the cruise control in it acts normal and feels dependable, even with 114,000 miles on it. I've contacted Hyundai motors and have taken it to the dealer with no results. Hyundai assigned me case worker angela godbey (714) 965-7049 she closed the case 8/23/17, but not without giving indication that the problem is a manufacturers installed defect.

- North Augusta, SC, USA

problem #7

Oct 072016

Santa Fe Sport

  • 50 miles
My 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe sport 2.0T ultimate hesitates starting from a stop especially on turns, to the point that it can be dangerous, as it may take several seconds before it will fully accelerate and I can avoid any oncoming traffic. It seems more pronounced in regular and eco mode than sport mode. The anti-skid traction light usually goes on when it is happening. This occurs at slow speed. When I took the car into the dealer, and it was checked by a factory rep who was there that day, they told me it was just the way the car works and it is the automatic anti-skid traction control working.I have been just very careful not to turn without a lot of space from any oncoming cars and I try to use sport mode to lessen the occurrences. This of course reduces fuel economy. I have now seen online reports by many other owners with the same problem and realize it is definitely not normal and needs to be corrected. I heard there may now be a technical service bulletin on this.

- Farmington Hills, MI, USA

problem #6

Aug 022017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 250 miles
There is a serious issue with acceleration from a stop with this vehicle. The vehicle hesitates severely when trying to accelerate from a stop or low speeds. This is a safety concern, since you may be pulling into oncoming traffic and then the vehicle has no power to go. We only have <300 miles on the vehicle and my wife is nervous driving it. The traction control indicator seems to come on during the hesitation, but the vehicle is on flat, dry pavement and is not slipping.

- Painesville, OH, USA

problem #5

Jul 272017

Santa Fe Sport

  • miles
I purchased a new 2017 Santa Fe sport on 5-26-17. On 7-19-17 at around 7100 miles I received a message warning me of the engine overheating. I put a phone call in the following morning to my dealership and was told to bring it into the shop 7-20-17 (thur). That afternoon I received a call from my service adviser stating there was no check engine light on and they could not find an issue. I then restated it was not an engine light but an actual message stating the engine was overheatng. He then called me back 10 minutes later stating there in fact was a leak in the water pump and they needed to replace the gasket and that they would not have the part until 7-25-17 (tues). When I finally got my car back on the 26th (wed) all seemed fine again. On Friday 7-28-17 while driving on cruise control at 60 miles per hour I felt the car down shift and RPM's started going well over 5000 and the only way to stop it was to push on the break this happened twice withen an hour span. I contacted dealer again and was told to bring car back. Note they also had to fix a scratch put on my passenger mirror from when car was serviced the first time. I brought my Santa Fe back in on Monday 7-31-17 and finally decided to contact service department on wed 8-2-17 when no body called to let me know of issues. Since then todays date is 8-10-17 I contacted dealer again to find out status as of right now they had to replace head gasket, reprogram cruise control and replace thermostat on top of the gasket they already replaced on water pump. The service department also stated they still smell coolant in my SUV which concerns me still since I am 5 months pregnant. I did start case with Hyundai usa and am waiting to here what options I may have but know I do not want this SUV back for my safety.

- Gastonia, NC, USA

problem #4

Jul 052017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 100 miles
2017 Santa Fe sport 2.0T ultimate AWD - hesitation occurs when accelerating from low speeds, most frequently observed when making turns. Stepping on the accelerator causes the traction control light to blink and the engine to effectively stall out for a few seconds. When the throttle does engage after the hesitation, it is in a violent manner. This happens more frequently than not, and is incredibly dangerous. I've owned this vehicle for over a year and have 20,000+ miles on it. This is a reoccurring issue. Had I been aware of this site, I would've filed a complaint immediately.

- Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

problem #3

Jun 182017

Santa Fe Sport

  • 14,500 miles
There is sometimes hesitation after coming to a stop. This is especially frightening at busy intersections. I push on the gas and the car does not move. It has occurred at least 20 times, but it happened yesterday afternoon at a busy rotary. I have seen many other complaints, but Hyundai has no solution as of today. I am afraid this is going to cause a serious accident eventually.

- Lowell, MA, USA

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