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6,100 miles
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20 complaints

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problem #20

Aug 022019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,000 miles

2019 Jeep Cherokee with 3000 miles, multiple times engine has completely shutdown. Worst part is two times this happened in traffic, near miss accidents. This mostly happens in morning hours when i apply brake at traffic signals or when i take left/right turn, battery alert pops out on screen and engine shutdown, then I need to press alert/emergency button which flashes all indicators and # alert the world that my Jeep has screwed up again. People, please don't hit my ass. This can lead to major accidents, driver might not get enough of time to press alert button when this happens in busy roads. Prioritizing public safety, manufacturer needs to take necessary action on these type of life threatening issues. Finally I dropped my vehicle at Jeep service center, lets see how they gonna fix it ...

- Syed W., Redmond, WA, US

problem #19

Dec 182018

Cherokee Latitude Plus 2.0L 14 Dohc Di Turbo Eng

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,722 miles

I bought a brand new 2019 Jeep Cherokee. I was really excited about getting this vehicle but it has so many issues. Actually had it in twice for the car shutting down while driving. The dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I had no steering and no brakes. I nearly went through the stop light in to traffic. The shop never really found the cause. Everytime I take it in for service they say, "We did a software update." Battery light kept showing low charge and they charged the battery and was going to give it back. I insisted that a brand new vehicle shouldn't be losing power in the battery and demanded a new battery. The repair bill states followed LIN Circuits and found active GR ILL Shutter Actuator taking Down Lin Circuit ordered AGS. It took three days for the part to come in. The battery has been charging since. This vehicle runs rough, lurches forward when you take your foot off the brake, has engine knock on acceleration. I feel like the thing is going to fall apart at any minute.

- Jennifer O., Alpena, US

problem #18

Jun 282019

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50 miles

I was driving up a hill in our brand new Jeep. The hill was not significant, just a hill. We had recently passed a railroad crossing so I wasn't going very fast. All of a sudden the dash lights flashed, the battery light came on and the car died. I had to literally put the car in park and start the car again with a fresh start. Unbelievably dangerous! It only lasted a few seconds, but what if I had been turning across traffic, or there had been a big truck behind me. It's just a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured. At what point will you begin to look into this; how many lives need to be affected?

- hisjeep, Enterprise, US

problem #17

Aug 092019

Cherokee Latitude V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,200 miles

I have a 2019 jeep cherokee latitude. While driving in the last month the I have lost power and steering 3 times.Jeep now has 4300 miles on the vehicle. While driving the battery and stop/start technology light come on ,on the dash.The dash also reads that my stop start technology is off.I always push button in when I start to drive to turn start /stop technology off.I don't lose complete power but lose steering.Very dangerous situation.I also get a reading that the oil is low when I start the vehicle.This is not true since I have checked the oil on numerous occasions.Brought it to the dealer under warranty once and they performed a flash on the computer,maybe an update.I never received a notice about an update or recall.My wife has received two recalls so far on her 4 cylinder jeep,but not for these issues.I will bring it back again to have it checked.The research I have done so far says to start by replacing battery,then maybe alternator.I have checked my battery on the dash and sometimes it appears to be jumping all over the place from 13.2-14.0.I have been able to restore power when losing steering by stopping and shutting vehicle on and off through ignition.I have also read that this problem could be caused by the 9 speed automatic transmission.I have also noticed that when I start going faster is when this problem seems to occur.My guess is a hard shift by transmission.Losing that power steering is no joke.Three times to many.

- Robert R., colchester, VT, US

problem #16

Jul 182019

Cherokee Overland 4x4 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,891 miles

I have only had this Jeep for not even a month. I bought it brand new. The auto/start/stop feature said it was malfunctioning. I took it to my local Dealer and was told it would be two weeks before they could get me in. Later that night while I was driving 70MPH, the engine cut off and died. When I voiced my concern and the fact that I will not drive this car, seeing how it almost killed me, I was given a service date of a week from now. NO ONE I spoke to from the dealer to Jeeps Corp. number gave a flip. If they don't have a recall or offer to buy this Jeep back due to a lemon law they are setting themselves up for a huge financial burden when one of these cars kill someone due to their gross negligence.

- Mike P., Huntsville, AL, US

problem #15

Jun 282019

Cherokee Lattitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,200 miles

Slowed down before an intersection and when I accelerated the engine died, lost power steering in the middle of the intersection. I've had the car for one month. Not happy about this, since this is a dangerous fault of the engine.

- drm01, Greenwood, US

problem #14

May 092019

Cherokee 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

First incident took place yesterday when slowing down to stop. The car died and I lost power steering and everything went blank. I sat for 10 minutes due to not starting up. It sounded like a grinding noise when I went to turn it over. After starting it back I took it to the dealership. They stated it was a recall and it was fixed.

Well this morning I went to slow down at a stop sign when i went to accelerate the car died, I was stuck in 4 lanes of traffic. I finally got the car restarted and took it back to the dealership. They stated that they changed my oil and could tell that in looking into the issue that's what it is. They are going to keep the car over the weekend and let me know. However my friend has the same 2019 and her car has done the same thing after an oil change.

Something has to be done before someone gets killed.

- Brittany C., Ardmore, OK, US

problem #13

Feb 022019

Cherokee Plus 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,064 miles

Purchased my Jeep in June 2018, excited to become a proud JEEP GIRL and owner. Since then I've been pretty disappointed.

First of all, what BRAND NEW vehicle as 3 recalls pretty much right off the back, even before their selling year. I found that to be a bit off and concerning but all issues were repaired free of charge and I managed. Then we moved on to the current issue. While driving to go out to dinner, I was driving a decent 35-40mph and out of no where the car stalls and turns off. Shocked and not sure what was going on, I did as the dash said and turned it off and restarted. Started back up and went on. . .Then it happened a second time, within minutes.

Once restarting again, we immediately turned around and took the car back to the house and I called the dealership to take it in. Once taking it in the next day, I was informed I was out of oil. Pretty shocked being that it is a brand new vehicle and hardly a handful of miles, why am I already out of oil. I had them do my oil change and I was off for another "quoted" 7500 miles.

Then about two weeks later, it happened again, while driving into work. This was just a one time and it restarted and didn't have any other issues. About a month later, simply driving around and the same thing happened again in the middle of traffic on my way to take my son to school. After dropping him off, I immediately went to the dealership and was told I was out of oil yet again. How was this possible that a vehicle could burn this much oil in such a short amount of time?

They stated that they wanted to monitor the oil and see how it was at 1500 miles and then again at another 1500 miles. I went about four/five weeks and that being today, I was leaving work and the vehicle turned off as I was leaving the parking lot of my job, about 100 ft more as I was going through the round-about and then yet again as I was driving on the highway. I immediately drove straight to the dealership where I was yet again informed I was completely out of oil.

They made mention to me that this is an issue with the 2.4L Jeep Cherokees and that they will monitor my oil levels at 1000 miles and then again from there and if I am still losing oil, I will more than likely need a new engine as it is a problem with that Jeep model but was informed that if I do get a new engine, I would be getting it replaced with the same kind of engine as Jeep has yet to "repair" the problem in the engines to correct this problem. And on top of that, I had to PAY for the oil they had to put in my vehicle as my "Free Oil Change" voucher was not good until June.

All in all, I think this is completely BS and thank God at each time I wasn't going at extreme speeds when this malfunction occurred. To put it plain and simple - - LEMON LEMON LEMON!!!! I will pursue further with this and by all means do what I can to get something out of this, in hopes of it being a new vehicle. This has definitely turned my nose to Jeep 100%!

- tequilatat2, California, US

problem #12

Aug 312018

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,500 miles

Drove my new 2019 JEEP Cherokee to a campsite Labor Day weekend 2018. Close to our destination we left the major highway, where I had been driving 70+ mph, into town and now onto a side road. I was going slow, under 20 mph, and the engine shut off. My husband says "what are you doing?" I said "nothing, the car just shut down." We both just stared at each other, not sure if it was an EMT or what. Oddly it restarted, almost making it even more weird. I was very grateful I was on a side road and no longer going 70 mph.

Upon return I took the JEEP to the dealer and told them what had happen. They did not have an answer. November 2018 I received a recall from JEEP. Improper transmission calibration may result in a stall. Dealers will re-flash the transmission controller with a new calibration, free of charge. The recall began November 2, 2018. I took my JEEP in immediately. The dealership was unaware of the issue and did the update. Apparently it is not the only issue, because this happen two more times since. I'll submit in separate complaints.

- Julie I., Fox River Grove, US

problem #11

Jan 232019

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,000 miles

I had just made a turn onto a road from a main road and my car shut off. No warning or anything just shut off and battery light came on. I sat for a few minutes and tried to restart it had a hard restart. I went online and searched issue to find out everyone had the same issue. I brought my car to the dealer for an oil change. They said my oil was low, that this vehicle is known to burn oil due to a Fiat engine and this is why my car was shutting down. Why is there no warning my oil was low this is a brand new car

- Theresa W., Montgomery, US

problem #10

Mar 212019

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 8,617 miles

2019 JEEP Cherokee engine shut off while driving yet a THIRD time today. Again I am fortunate, I was going slow in a residential area. The care just shuts off. What the heck! It did not start up immediately, but it did start. I drove it to the directly to the dealer. Told them what had happen AGAIN. They asked me if it is low on oil? I said I don't know, it shouldn't be, it isn't due for an oil change for another 1400 miles. I was told the 2.4 liter burns oil faster and if the oil gets to low the engine shuts off as a safety feature for the engine. I am "WHAT?" What about safety for the driver? How was I to know this, when were you or JEEP going to share this? Why is there no "low oil" light?

If the car is so smart to shut itself off, shouldn't it alert the driver if the oil is low? The dealer checks the oil and it is 2 1/2 quarts low. Again "WHAT?" I had an early oil change done and now I am scheduled to come in every 500 miles to check the oil level. JEEP knows this is a problem, yet no owner notification. I am driving a NEW vehicle, 8600 miles and the engine can just shut off, no warning. YES this a problem and significant safety concern.

What are you waiting for JEEP, Death? I read hundreds of complaints online. I have contacted JEEP directly and am awaiting response. In the meantime, I do not trust this JEEP.

- Julie I., Fox River Grove, US

problem #9

Nov 202018

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,928 miles

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engine shut down

Was on my way to work this morning and I heard the chime and when I looked down I seen the battery light on so I pressed the gas but the car was dead and loss of power steering and engine power. I had to cost to the nearest driveway and stop and put in park. It didn't want to start at first it made a whining noise then a grinding noise but then started. After I proceeded down the road it was jerky and kinda acted like it wanted to stall. And after talking to my partner and told them what happened they said it happened to them yesterday and they thought they had hit something so they didn't tell me so now it has happened twice in 2 days and it happens after it has set and got cold. I contacted the dealership and they wanted me to bring it in asap but they cant look at it till Monday and this is Tues. I cant be without my vehicle that long whatever happened to rental cars for this type of things seems like we spend this amount of money on a NEW car and when there is a problem there not there to ease the pain of trouble. Ill update when I get it to the dealership next week. included is a picture I got right after it died on me.

Update from Dec 1, 2018: Ok update on my problem with the engine shutting off. I had it towed to the dealership cause it did it again. So they called me to come in and showed me that the motor was low on oil and thats why it shut off cause it has a safety feature if the pumps reads low oil it will cut off so it wont damage the engine. Now they told me this is an ongoing problem in the 7500 mile break in period that this engine will burn oil. So I was told they added oil and to bring it back at 7500 for a oil change and drive it 1000 miles cause they was going to mark my dipstick to see if its burning oil still. if engine is still burning oil then they will have to replace the engine and start all over. He showed me paper work from Chrysler that they cant do a compression test till after 7500 miles which is the break in period.

Update from Apr 21, 2019: Hey everyone here is a update on my Jeep.I took it in had the oil change done at 9000 miles and they marked my dipstick and told me to bring it back in 1000 miles. Well I took it back and they checked it and it was low again so they filled it back to normal and told me to drive it another 1000 miles and im currently at 800 and its almost 2 quarts low. So when I go back in a couple of weeks we will see if they replace it like they said they were going too,but I think Im going to persue the lemon law on this jeep

Update from Jun 10, 2019: Well here's another update. I hired a lawyer to start the lemon law process on my jeep. FCA wanted one final repair attempt and by law we had to give them that. They sent a rep from FCA to do the inspection on my jeep and they put a new engine in it. Took them 3 days to do that so I picked it up on Saturday afternoon and drove it all afternoon I noticed that it wasn't powerful but I didn't think to much at this point well sat night I was comming home and it started losing power and acting like it was gonna shut off but then it would gain power back then it started smoking and a strong gas order was filling the car from the ac running and it lost power several times and then cut off and wouldn't restart so once again it had to be towed at 230 in the morning. As of now its back at the dealership once again and at a different dealership cause roadside assistance wouldn't tow it back to the dealership that did the engine cause it was over the mileage unless I wanted to pay. As soon as I talk to the lawyer I'm pushing for a buy back this has been the worst experience with a car I've bought.

- Edward P., Clemmons, US

problem #8

Oct 052018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,677 miles

Leased a 2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude from a dealer in NJ, within 2 weeks the engine shuts down in traffic. the stability control light, check engine light all came on. Vehicle was able to start after a few minutes. took it back to the dear they kept it for 7 days and reported they did not seen any problem with in.

It shuts down again the following week. I took pictures and show it to the dealer mechanics, again the kept if for eight days and reported that it needs a booster switch which was replaced.

A month later, whilst driving on the highway, the damn vehicle shuts down again, luckily i was able to coast off the highway to the shoulder. Again the lights came and this time it took a longer time to start. Again i took it back to the dealer and after four days they reported that the initial switch that was put it was faulty. My wife is scared to drive this vehicle and Chrysler refuses to accommodate the idea of replacing the vehicle. after several back and forth with Chrysler they recommended arbitration. My wife is frustrated and scared to get back in this car as it has proven to be risky and unsafe.

- Wilton A., South Plainfield, NJ, US

problem #7

Nov 292018

Cherokee Latitude Plus 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,900 miles

So, I was driving the vehicle to drop it off at the dealership. After work, I turned it on and drove it for approximately 100 yards. The engines then stalled/shut off and the battery light stayed on. I then placed the vehicle back in park and turned the car back on. I then drove it for may be 20 yards and it happened again. Then, I grabbed my phone and started recording just in case that it happened again. So, after driving for about 50 yards it did it again! This time I was driving about 44 miles per hour. I was so lucky that I didn't get into a car accident.

One thing that I did notice was that each time after turning the car back on the needle for the rpms stayed very low like 200 to 300 rpms. It then would go really high like in the 1000 to 1300 rpms while the car was still in park. So, I then drove the car to the dealership (30 minutes driving, about 18 to 20 miles) without the car stalling again.

The dealership the told me that this was due to the car needing an oil change. I flipped out on the guy and asked that since when are the vehicles doing this because this wasn't my first car that I had and none of my cars had ever done this. He stated that it was a sensor and that the car was trying to preserve the engine and it was shutting off and it was how it was the engine was designed. He said that this engines would burn about 1 quart per 1000 miles. I told him that how was this possible when the car had less than 8000 and be burning that much oil. I have a 12 year old vehicle with 140 thousand miles and it doesn't even burn that much oil. He then said that it was my fault for not checking the oil level every time I would fill up for gas. I then asked him how much oil was taken from the engine when they did the oil change. He said that he didn't ask the tech but he was assuming that it was between 2 to 2.5 quarts. I asked him that if this sensor in the engine would do this to preserve the engine, how was I able to drive the vehicle for about 30 minutes without the engine shutting off. He then said that it was because somehow the oil in the top of the engine dropped and brought the oil level just enough for me to drive it. I then told him that I thought that he was just trying to blow smoke up my ass. He then just told me to contact Chrysler because he wasn't going to give me the answer that I wanted to hear.

I then contacted Chrysler and told them everything that happened. They did not buy the reasoning of the dealership either and recommended me to take the vehicle to another dealership for a second opinion and run a diagnostic test on it and see if something would come up. And, if they were not able to find a solution to then file the vehicle for the lemon law or see if I could take the car back to the dealership. I made an appointment for this so hopefully they would find a solution for this problem. I dont really know how the lemon law works, if there is anything that you recommend me to do and how to file for this or who can help me file for this please let me know.


Update from Feb 28, 2019: After the original post. The car has shut off while driving an additional 2 times. I have taken the vehicle to the dealership right away and of course they cant seem to find a solution. I have been checking the oil level every weekend and it seems like every other weekend I have to add about a quarter or a quart of oil. I dont know much about what's normal and what's not but it seems like this vehicle or engine burns a lot of oil considering that it's a brand new vehicle. The last time that I took the vehicle to the dealership. They had contacted Chrysler and for some suggestions. The dealership told me that they found two ground connections that the ground terminal wasn't connected all they way. They didn't specify what connections they were for or any other details and this was about 2 weeks ago. So far, the car seems fine I hope that the problem was fixed.

- Jose Juan G., WILMINGTON, DE, US

problem #6

Dec 032018

Cherokee Latitude 2.4L Multi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,100 miles

While taking the car to the dealership to have transmission recall fixed the vehicle engine shut off while driving. 3rd time this has happened, very dangerous. Before shutting off there was a Ding/Chime. Had to place car in park and restart. Car sounded like it was out of time or vapor locking when it restarted. Expect more from a new car. After reading all of the complaints not sure I want to keep this car.

Update from Apr 28, 2019: So dealership said car was almost empty on oil and that was why the car was shutting down. They started an oil consumption test, I took the can back after 500 miles and each time it was a 1/2 quart lower. On the 3rd time I took it in I checked the oil before taking it in and it was an inch below the safe marks. After the dealership returned to me it was on the safe mark, I told them I checked it before bringing it in and it was an inch below,, the service manager told me they did not add oil. (Didn't believe them) I have now taken it to another other dealership and they have started another oil consumption test, it had 9200 miles on it and it was almost out of oil again. I was told to add a quart of oil and bring it back on Monday and they would have to do an oil change in order to do the oil consumption test, (It only had a little over 3000 miles since I had the oil changed and the dash oil change indicator was siting on 53%.) So I paid $77.00 to have the oil changed. I know have about 1500 miles on it and its over a quart of oil low again.I'm suppose to take it back when I hit 2000 miles, if I can go that long without the vehicle shutting down for low oil again.

- robezzell, Yukon, US

problem #5

Feb 012019

Cherokee Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 467 miles

New Jeep started stalling out on the 3rd day of our new lease. Feel unsafe after multiple scary stalls in traffic on highway and pulling into a busy intersection. What recourse do we have?


problem #4

Nov 022018

Cherokee Latitude Plus 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,000 miles

While driving to the movies in my NEW 2019 Jeep Latitude Plus, we stopped at a red light and the engine just cut off. This wasn't to unusual at first since the vehicle is equipped with the ESS start/stop system; however this time the engine failed to come back on and all the warning light came on a the car, just died right their in the middle of the road. Very dangerous as their were cars behind us and I could not even turn on the flashers. Had to get it towed to Redman Toll in Langhorne, PA, and they had to keep the car for around a month. Their service department performed a multi-point inspection. Replaced PDC Power Distribution Center, Engine Starter, Relay Starter, Front Fascia and Lower Grilled.

Honestly, this car should be recalled in my personal opinion. I have an incident which I will record separately.


- Rick K., Langhorne, PA, US

problem #3

Sep 082018

Cherokee Latitude

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,000 miles

Left my home after lunch on a Saturday, got out to the main highway and the car died, battery light came on, wouldn't do anything. Had to put the car in park and crank the car again. Car cranked right up but it has happened more than once, never happens until the car has set all morning and not been cranked till after lunch.

Took it to the dealer regarding the problem but they can't find anything wrong with it, told me to try and bring it when it happens again (dealer isn't open when this happens of course). The last time it happened I was able to grab my phone and record it, sent it to the guy over the service department but they still couldn't find anything. They did replace the throttle body with a new one off of a vehicle identical to mine on the lot to hopefully fix the problem but it didn't. The salesman has been emailing the Chrysler Engineer about the problem but still nothing.

I have 3 children that ride in this car and I DO NOT want to have to worry about this problem with them in the car!! Bought this car brand new in June 2018 and I should not be having this problem!!

Someone PLEASE HELP TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE!!!! I don't know what else to do!

Thank you and have a blessed day!!

- Danielle W., Sulligent, US

problem #2

Oct 242018

Cherokee Limited 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,900 miles

While driving in the fast lane, the engine completely shut down. This, while traveling on a major interstate during rush hour. Could have led to a very dangerous situation. Luckily, I was able to get over to the breakdown lane by coasting. I did not lose steering or braking ability. Once to the breakdown lane - I was able restart the car and with the hazards on, I crawled along the breakdown lane with the engine running @ 3rpms in low speed until I could get to a safe location. The vehicle needed to be towed for repair - now losing it for at least two days while a repair is underway. (no idea what this entails yet).

I travel a great distance back and forth to work each day and the safety of this vehicle is now in question and I would not recommend it to anyone needing a dependable and safe car! The situation could have been much worse and I am thankful it wasn't. This is my second Jeep purchase and have not had anything happen like this before with the Jeep brand....however this is a game changer for me!!

- Rrea G., East Providence, RI, US

problem #1

Jul 122018

Cherokee Latitude Plus 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,400 miles

Driving up a hill to a stop sign and once I reached the top of the hill at the stop sign the vehicle shut down. The battery light came on the dashboard. No other lights. Was able to put in neutral and restart the vehicle. Vehicle ran rough right after this happened. I was only a couple blocks from my home so pulled into my garage and shut the vehicle off. Let it sit a couple minutes. Restarted it and drove it a few blocks. Everything seemed OK.

Called dealer and reported the issue. They are going to look into it when I take it in to have the transmission valve body replaced. Kind of ironic that my 2019 has these two problems currently that the 2014 and 2015 had the highest reported complaints....transmission issues and engine shutting down.

Update from Oct 19, 2018: Has not reoccurred and now have just over 3000 miles. Dealer did nothing. Said they checked over everything. Very concerned as there is a recall for this, but my production date is not within the production dates of the recall. Very depressing Jeep is saving money by narrowing the scope of their vehicles that are affected. When it shut down it did the same thing like everyone else states, battery light comes on and lose power of the vehicle. Recall description indicates the same. Very disheartening to go thru all these problems with a brand new vehicle. The only good thing is it happened once and has not happened again.....yet.

- cweb98, Lincoln, US