pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
54,000 miles
Total Complaints:
8 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (4 reports)
  2. replace my cvt (4 reports)
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problem #8

Jul 052018

Patriot Limited 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 77,000 miles

My 2012 jeep patriot was bought in 2017 for my wife and children to be safe and have a dependable car while I'm at work. Its progressively gotten worse, but the transmission doesn't know what gear it wants to be in, a slight incline with light and steady pressure to the gas pedal will make it shift 3 times per second. In the last month I've replaced the fluid, filters, boots, airfilter, flushed the radiator, and even went as far as installing a tranny cooler. Not happy and still owe 5g over what it's worth. Pissed!

- John H., Lawson, MO, US

problem #7

Jul 302017

Patriot Sport 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 89,682 miles

My 2012 Jeep Patriot began giving me problems at 75000 miles. It began to overheat so I took it to the dealership in 4 occasion and each time they said they could recreate the code and they can't find nothing wrong with it, (as if I was crazy). Finally last weekend coming back from Cape Cod the Jeep lost power and the transmission overheated icon came on the dash. I call jeep and they needed to tow my car to the dealership but it was Sunday and every service place was closed so I waited a good hour and finally was able to continue driving. I couldn't get pass 60 miles per hr.

I bring it to the dealership and they finally figure out the problem. The internal oil pump of the transmission was malfunctioning and causing the overheats. Since CVT transmission can't be fix the dealership is replacing it. Luckily the car still under warranty and my warranty is almost over so I'm glad they were able to handle this.

I love Jeep so much, but I think I might reconsider and move on to another brand, this one has giving me too many headaches.

- goycoechea, New Haven, US

problem #6

Sep 142016

Patriot 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 104,000 miles

Bought 2012 Jeep Patriot in Jan 2013, so have owned it for little less than 4 years. Loved it until on a trip to Florida this summer it lost acceleration on I-95 and temperature light came on. Very scary and dangerous when cars are zooming past you and you can't go any faster than 20 to get out off their way! Called my son, who used to work at a Jeep dealership, is a mechanic and belongs to a Jeep club. He said to pull over and turn engine off. I did, even found a repair shop that was going to check it when the tech came back from lunch. After 1/2 hour with no A/C in 95 degree temps, turned car back on and light was off. My son said drive and if it happens again, pull over again. Drove for another 9 hours without trouble?!! While in Florida I took it to a trusted mechanic to be checked. They had it all day and could not find anything wrong. They could not check the transmission because it's a "closed system" and not able to open.

This happened again on another trip to NY state and upon return to VA (home) took to dealership where I bought it. I was told by service guy that they could change the transmission fluid but that would be over $400 and the fluid was $46/ quart and would take 5-10 quarts! And that doing a fluid change would NOT stop the issue. It is even written in the owners manual that this is a feature that can occur. And they have had this complaint several times for the Patriot. At that time the car was still under warranty!. Now 2 months later, it happened in home town and had only driven for a few minutes, not hours, and engine light, not temp light, came on. I called the dealership and they said try to bring it in. While trying, and I was within 4 miles, would no longer accelerate at all! So I "limped" into the median of the divided highway I was on, with flashers blazing, and had to call AAA to be towed to dealership. Then had to rent a car, another added expense since car was now @104,000 miles plus- so out of warranty, while they checked my car, which took 2days until they could get to it. Then they quoted $4150. to replace transmission because computer showed "gear ratio error". Since it has a CVT transmission, they are not allowed to open and try to repair since it is not a Chrysler product. They can only replace. And they replace it with the same "defective" transmission! So this could continue to happen! Well I complained that I had brought it in earlier with this issue when it was still under warranty and reiterated what the clerk (same man currently speaking with!) had told me about changing fluid not faxing problem and that I bought a Jeep because they have a reputation of being a pretty "hearty" vehicle. But having to replace the transmission after only owning for less than 4 years was ridiculous! He "spoke to his manager" and called back to offer me "assistance" of them covering all parts and I would cover labor which would be $1565 but as it was Friday, part would not be delivered until Tues. or Wed. so would not be ready until Wed. or more likely Thurs. So car rental costs rising! My son called and spoke to the service manager, since my son knows how much "labor" is involved and it's not as intensive as they tried to claim and that he would be contacting Chrysler Corporation on Monday AM. Manager said he would see if they could "do better" and he'd get back to us on Monday. I will say they are trying to work with me, which I appreciate, but I really think they should replace at their cost since I did bring it to their attention when it WAS under warranty and they dismissed me. My son said the usual fee for just replacing the transmission is usually $500-700, not over $1500. So now awaiting their response on Monday AM! Fingers crossed that they come back with much lower price or none at all, since I am currently unemployed- so this could not have happened at a worse time!

Update from Sep 19, 2016: Called Service manager 4 times today and left messages to call me and he never picked up or called me back. We'll see what tomorrow brings! Not making me feel better about their service.

- irish twin, Triangle, VA, US

problem #5

Aug 012015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

Started having issues last year. 80 degrees outside driving 80 (speed limit) had gone over hill at 60 then as I hit the flat stretch and got up to 80 (NOT FLOORING ACCELERATOR) the car lost power the transmission overheat light lit up (of course the so called manual does not have a picture I thought I had knocked it out of drive. The RPM was at 40

Thank god I was at a shoulder I could let it stop. I turned off the engine, checked it over etc. I then started the jeep and it would not accelerate the warning light was still on. No cell service etc. After another 15 minutes I decided to try and it started up no and drove no problems. Coming back from the trip it did the same thing only it was raining, not hot etc. When I went for regular service Jeep said they did not now what the warning light was, the computor said no codes. I did not have any issues until recently. THREE TIMES IT HAS HAPPENED and all when the outside temperature was over 90 degrees. One time on a FLAT no hills, no mountains etc. I had just had the scheduled transmission service to keep in warranty. When I went to the dealer for an oil change just this past Thursday I again told them the issue. They could find nothing wrong still did not understand what the warning light I was describing. Yesterday it happened 2 times and in areas that there was NO SHOULDER the speed is 80 and semi trucks coming down like banshees. My niece was driving and I started to hear a high pitched whine before the transmission overheat light cam on. I only found out what the light was as my niece used her smart phone to look it up. Jeep dealership of no help today. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH JEEP. My family has owned jeeps since the Willy's were around. Really going to look at another vehicle and stay away from Chrysler Jeep.

Update from Sep 24, 2017: After this happening 2 more times, they finally told me it was due to the transmission fluid being over filled. Evidently this is an issue as they had a notice for the mechanics that this should fix the problem. Ever since they drained the overfill I have not had a problem. I actually was worried that it would still be a problem. I drove to AZ during summer. I did not have any issues. I hope the problem is fixed.

- R K., Hamilton, MT, US

problem #4

Jul 032015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,000 miles

I have owned this piece of junk for 3 years. The transmission heat light went on the first time just a couple if months after we bought it. We had no idea what the hell was happening to the vehicle and was a very scary situation. We could have been killed!!! We were traveling on the highway for about an hour at a speed of 70 mph when he car sounded like it was in low gear. Out if no where the car decelerated on its own and stopped and I barely made it to the side of the road, again could have been killed!!!

We brought it in and they said they found nothing wrong and didn't see that any codes came up either. It happened 2 more times and were told the same thing again. I happened again on July 3 and I immediately called Chrysler headquarters and made a complaints and have a case number. This is absolutely ridiculous and is not normal not to mention could be deadly. I brought it back to dealer they said it was a throttle bottle needed to be replaced and should not happen again. Ha... This past weekend it did it again. I am done!!! I am calling channel 2 news investigative reporting and maybe Chrysler will admit this is dangerous and do something!!! Obviously these transmissions are horrible!

- Renee C., Itasca, IL, US

problem #3

Jul 102012

Patriot Latitude 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 30,000 miles

Transmission overheated the first summer I had the vehicle. Had it checked at the dealer several times, but they said they couldn't find any codes. Had the transmission serviced, but the problem remained. Typically overheats at temperatures above 70 F and speeds at 70 mph or above. Stopping and idling in neutral for about 5 to 10 minutes allows me to continue, a real pain on long trips. Have had it overheat at least 10 times now.

A reliable dealer recommends installing a larger transmission fluid cooler along with a complete transmission service, i.e. flush, filter and fill. Several members on Jeep forums recommend replacing transmission cooler thermostat.

- Brent B., Nibley, UT, US

problem #2

Jun 042014

Patriot Sport 2.0L 4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 38,000 miles

Driving 75 mph for a min of 25 miles the trans overheat light comes on and the vehicle slows itself down,

This has happened 10 times since reaching 38,000 on vehicle. I contacted Chrysler they requested I take to dealer and have a diagnostic. I did, it showed nothing out of the ordinary, the mechanic and service tech. Said they have had numerous complaints of this but there is nothing to do cause that is a fail safe mode for the CVT and I when it does it all I can do is pull over till it cools itself down..this is BS and I hate CVTs Chrysler dealer will do nothing cause they say it is doing what it is designed to do, again I say BS

- Shelia H., Burns, TN, US

problem #1

Jul 242014

Patriot latitude 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 0 miles

On a road trip from New Mexico to Wyoming, the transmission overheated. Average speeds were between 65 and 75. We only drove for 5 hours before the transmission overheated. It happened to us again a few hours later. And again on the way home. We stop every few hours to get gas and let our son walk around. We took it to a dealer who said there was no error code and nothing they could do to fix it. The transmission fluid was fine. Not burned or low. He advised to stop every few hours if we were going to take a long trip, which we were already doing. Very annoying that we won't be able to take a road trip safely in a vehicle that is only 2 years old and has only 30000 miles on it. No mention of this was made when we bought the jeep and were even told we would be able to tow with it, since we purchased a towing package. If we can't even drive for 5 hours without it overheating there is no way we can tow anything with it.

- Janet B., holloman afb, NM, US