If the SRS warning light is ignored and a vehicle crash of sufficient severity to command deployment of the driver's air bag occurs, the air bag module may not deploy in the intended manner. The condition may result in the deployment of only one stage of the dual stage driver's air bag or the air bag may not deploy at all increasing the risk of serious injuries to the driver.

Steering — Column

Date Announced
JUN 04, 2008
Vehicles Affected
Land Rover Recall #
NHTSA Campaign #
Land Rover is recalling 37,142 MY 2005-2006 LR3 and Range rover sport vehicles. Relative motion between the steering wheel hub and/or the steering column cowl with the clockspring, which includes the driver side air bag circuitry, could result in fracturing of the air bag wiring connection. If an air bag wire fractures, the SRS warning light will illuminate on the instrument cluster. The SRS warning light indicates to the driver that there is a concern with the SRS system in the vehicle and that immediate repair is necessary.
Dealers will insert 1mm spacers between the lower left hand side of the column switch mounting point and the column lock to improve the alignment of the column switch. Two foam pads will also be fitted to the top of the steering column switch gear to provide assured clearance between the cowl and the clockspring face. The recall began on July 30, 2008. Owners may contact Land Rover at 1-800-637-6837.
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