Safety Regulators Look at Alleged Ford Explorer Steering Problems

Drivers of the 2011 Ford Explorer report losing their power steering while driving.

Safety Regulators Look at Alleged Ford Explorer Steering Problems

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— Are there steering problems in the 2011 Ford Explorer?  Drivers who have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration certainly believe the answer is, yes.

Based on those complaints and evidence provided by Ford's early warning reporting data, the feds have opened an investigation into why the Explorer can lose its power steering.

Complainants say their vehicles can be traveling along in a normal fashion when out of the blue, the Explorer experiences a failure in its power steering assist.

Going from driving a vehicle with power steering to no power steering in the blink of an eye can cause all manner of disruption.  The NHTSA says some drivers report a warning message appearing immediately before the steering failure, while other drivers report that simply restarting the vehicle can temporarily fix the problem.

The alleged problem could affect up to 83,000 vehicles.

If you're concerned about your Explorer, contact your dealer.  However, no recall has been ordered.