2012 Honda Civic Driveshaft Not Properly Assembled

Driveshaft may come loose while driving, or the vehicle can roll when parked.

2012 Honda Civic Driveshaft Not Properly Assembled

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— If you drive a 2012 Civic, start watching your mailbox later this month for yet another recall notice from Honda. The voluntary recall, which comes a month after Honda recalled Civics due to the possibility that fuel could leak and send the car up in smoke, involves a potential driveshaft failure which would cause you all kinds of headaches.

Honda admits that a machine used to position the driveshaft into a CV joint did not position the parts appropriately. That little problem could turn into a big mess as it may allow the driveshaft to come loose while your car is moving. If that happens, the engine won't move the car regardless of what gear it's in.

Keep in mind we said the engine won't move the car but that doesn't mean your car won't roll, whether you want it to or not. Honda says if you put the car in the park position without using the parking brake, the car may decide to roll away on its own. It's like two times the recall fun for the price of one!

Honda will start mailing notices in late June, or you can call 800-999-1009 every day to check for more information.