Feds Investigate Infiniti JX35 Vehicles for Braking Problems

Drivers allege imaginary front-end collisions causing vehicles to screech to a stop.

Feds Investigate Infiniti JX35 Vehicles for Braking Problems

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— The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into alleged emergency braking problems in the 2013 Infiniti JX35.

According to the Office of Defects Investigation, drivers allege the intelligent brake assist system activated emergency braking when it shouldn't have, bringing the vehicle to an immediate and complete stop.

The so-called safety feature works by slamming on the brakes if the vehicle thinks a frontal crash is imminent.

One pregnant driver told the government she was traveling over a bridge and her vehicle came to a dead stop, almost causing the vehicle behind to hit her.

Another driver said the same thing happened to her, so her dealer disengaged the feature.   Two weeks later, her vehicle screeched to a stop when it sensed a frontal crash that didn't exist.

The government will try to determine the cause and frequency and based on their findings, a recall could be ordered.