Another Deadline Missed Concerning Rear-View Cameras

Deadline for rear visibility rules missed for the fourth time, but who's counting?

Another Deadline Missed Concerning Rear-View Cameras

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— For the fourth time since 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) failed to meet a deadline to create new rules concerning rear-view cameras in every new vehicle.

Congress first established legislation in 2007 after incidents of injuries and fatalities due to blind spots behind vehicles.  The legislation is primarily aimed at children and those over 70, a demographic most affected by backup accidents.

Although the legislation targets the subject of rear visibility overall, the goal is a rear-view camera in every new vehicle.

NHTSA believes the mandatory addition of rear-view cameras could save about 100 lives a year, at a cost of up to $2.7 billion to automakers.  That cost would be passed on to the buying public.

The government hasn’t decided when the new deadline will be, just in case they want to miss it for the fifth time.

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