Ford and Toyota End Marriage of Hybrid Engines

Two-year partnership ends in divorce during study of hybrid truck engines

Ford and Toyota End Marriage of Hybrid Engines

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— Divorce is a painful thing.  Just ask Ford and Toyota which just ended their two-year marriage that was arranged to create new hybrid engines for trucks and SUVs.

Toyota and Ford announced in August, 2011, they were conducting a feasibility study for collaboration on the development of a new hybrid system.

Toyota was succinct in a statement about the breakup.

"...we have agreed to develop hybrid systems individually."

Although this partnership has ended, Toyota said their commitment to hybrid technology is "unwavering."

"We have sold over two million Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles in the U.S., representing 70 percent of the U.S. auto industry’s total hybrid sales, and over 5 million hybrids worldwide," Toyota said in a statement.

For their part, Ford said they are moving forward and will try to forget the failed partnership.

"After successfully completing the feasibility and development of the hybrid system project with Toyota, Ford is moving forward on its own with development of a rear-wheel-drive hybrid system for Ford pickups and SUVs," Ford said in a statement.