GM Recalls 22,000 Cars For Transmission and 'Label' Problems

What happens when a warning label isn't sticky enough?

GM Recalls 22,000 Cars For Transmission and 'Label' Problems

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— We're still in 2013 but that doesn't mean the year 2014 doesn't have an impact now.  General Motors is recalling about 22,000 cars that include model years 2013 and 2014.  The cars include the Chevy Camaro Coupe and the Chevy Cruze.

2013-2014 Chevy Camaro Coupe

GM is recalling about 19,000 model year 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Coupes because they have labels that aren't sticky enough.  Sounds minor, but a warning label that falls off easily violates federal safety standard number 208 under "Occupant Crash Protection."

GM says there is an air bag warning light on the sun visor that tends to peel off.

The recalled cars were manufactured June 9, 2013, through September 6, 2013.

GM just got the recall off the ground, but you won't have to necessarily take your Camaro back to the dealer.  The letter sent by GM will tell you how to check the label.  Based on what you find, a trip to your dealer might be needed.

If you have questions about the stickiness of your label, contact GM at 800-521-7300 and give them recall number 13284.

2013-2014 Chevy Cruze

Transmission problems have caused GM to recall over 3,000 model year 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Cruze cars equipped with manual transmissions.

GM says the right front half shaft may fracture and separate and cause all kinds of headaches.  If it breaks while you're driving, the car will automatically lose power and come to a stop.

If the half shaft is broken and you park the car, the Cruze could roll away unless the parking brake is applied.

GM says the recalled cars were manufactured January 24, 2013, through August 1, 2013.

GM started the recall this month, so you should receive a letter to schedule an appointment so your dealer can replace the half shaft assembly.

With questions about the recall, contact GM at 800-521-7300 and refer to recall number 13276.