Honda Odyssey Brake Problems Investigated by Feds

Owners complain the brakes apply when they shouldn't.

Honda Odyssey Brake Problems Investigated by Feds

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— The Honda Odyssey is once again on the radar of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as the government announced an investigation into alleged braking problems.

Based on owner complaints, the 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey can throw on the brakes even without the brake pedal being touched.  Some complaints allege the vehicle suddenly applied the brakes by itself while the accelerator was applied, causing the speed to quickly drop by as much as 30 mph.

"My husband and two boys had just taken off on the highway. As we were reaching ~ 45-50 mph the brakes of the van automatically activated slinging my body forward. I asked him what he was doing, and he said the brakes did that on their own. We went approximately 1/2 mile further, and it occurred 2 more times. We then pulled into a gas station, put it in park, pressed the gas pedal a few times, and also checked that the emergency brakes were not pushed down. Everything was in place as it should have been."

Five dealers found a trouble code indicating a problem with the steering angle sensor, but many dealers couldn't find a cause.

The investigation will determine if the Odyssey needs to be recalled, which is a subject Odyssey owners know all too well.

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