Honda Recalls Accord Because of Fire Risk From Gas Leak

Honda Accord could go up in flames from leaking gas.

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— Honda is recalling over 1,600 model year 2013 Accord vehicles because a gas leak may cause a fire. It's a summertime carbeque! (sorry)

The vehicles were manufactured January 15, 2013, through April 5, 2013 and are rated Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) II.

Honda says a problem with the fuel tank neck may cause the fuel pump to not properly seal to the gas tank.  An improper seal could cause a gas leak which could easily lead to a fire.

The recall should begin August 1, 2013.  Honda dealers will replace the fuel tank, nut and O-ring gasket.

With questions, contact Honda at 310-783-2000 and give them recall number JA9.