Honda Recalls Cars With Brake Booster Problems

Brake booster problems can cause driver to have trouble stopping.

Honda Recalls Cars With Brake Booster Problems

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— Honda is recalling over 18,300 model year 2006 Acura RSX and model year 2006-2007 Honda S2000 vehicles because of brake problems.

The affected Acura RSX vehicles were manufactured January 18, 2006, through August 12, 2006. The recalled Honda S2000 vehicles were manufactured January 19, 2006, through November 13, 2006.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the brake booster might not maintain a vacuum when the brake pedal is pressed, causing a driver to use extra force to stop the vehicle.

The recall is expected to begin July 12, 2013.  Dealers will inspect the brake booster assembly and replace it if necessary.

Owners can call 310-783-2000 and use recall number JA4 if you own the Honda S2000, or recall number JA5 if you drive the Acura RSX.