Lights Out: Chevy Corvette Focus of Federal Investigation

Corvette owners say they are left in the dark at night.

Lights Out: Chevy Corvette Focus of Federal Investigation

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— The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put an investigative spotlight on why drivers of model year 2005-2007 Chevrolet Corvette vehicles are complaining about being left in the dark while driving at night.

The government has received 30 reports about Corvette headlights going completely out without warning, although some drivers said the low beam headlights were the only lights they lost.  The lights start working again after the vehicle has been parked for a while.

One driver said their dealer inspected the vehicle and determined the fuse block in the engine would malfunction when the engine was hot.  The lights started working again once the engine cooled.

The federal investigation will determine if a recall should be ordered.  An estimated 103,000 vehicles could be involved if a recall is warranted.