Porsche 911 Cars Under Investigation For Leaking Antifreeze Problems

Porsche 911 owners claim all the antifreeze quickly leaked and covered the roadway.

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— The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into model year 2001-2007 Porsche 911 cars equipped with GT1 engines.

Porsche owners claim they were driving as usual when the vehicle quickly lost all the engine coolant.  Once that happened, the engine shut down.

One Porsche owner said their vehicle took on a mind of its own when hot antifreeze leaked and covered the road and rear tires.  The vehicle went out of control and traveled off the road.

The driver said it appeared a coolant hose fitting disconnected from the engine block, which is the same thing other Porsche owners described in their complaints.

Federal safety regulators will try to determine if a safety recall should be ordered.

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