The 12 Worst Cars According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports says you can buy these cars, but don't say you haven't been warned.

The 12 Worst Cars According to Consumer Reports

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— The disappointing dozen? That's what Consumer Reports calls the 12 worst cars based on internal Consumer Reports' testing.

Actually it isn't just cars that make the worst-of list because SUVs and trucks also had the lowest test scores in recent testing. Consumer Reports says these 12 just don't make the grade and consumers can find better cars at the same prices.

What causes poor test results? Let's see.

Sloppy handling, engine noise, lackluster acceleration, a pain-in-the-[add your own word] position the driver sits, and cars that ride like a jackhammer.

Consumer Reports says they know many people own and love these vehicles, but the fact is, "there are better choices than these models."

Here's the 12 vehicles that Consumer Reports does not recommend along with reasons why these are the bottom feeders in the pond.

(Click a vehicle to read what owners have to say to about those vehicles.)

  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara -- Ride, handling, braking, wind noise, access, driving position, seat comfort, fit and finish, visibility, fuel economy, reliability.
  • Smart ForTwo Passion -- Transmission, acceleration, ride, agility, noise, seats only two, premium fuel.
  • Scion iQ -- Ride, noise, acceleration, steering, driving position, fit and finish, radio controls, blind spots, tiny rear seat.
  • Mitsubishi i-Miev -- Short range, long charging time, weak cabin heat, Spartan accommodations, acceleration, ride, agility, seats only four, complicated radio, headlights.
  • Chevrolet Spark 1LT -- Acceleration, transmission, ride, noise, front-seat comfort, complicated radio.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser -- Visibility, ride, handling, noise, fuel economy, fit and finish, access.
  • Toyota Yaris LE -- Noise, ride, agility, driving position, front-seat comfort, fit and finish, radio controls, rear visibility.
  • Dodge Avenger SXT (4-cyl.) -- Engine noise, acceleration, braking, handling, rear visibility, transmission, driving position, fuel economy.
  • Jeep Compass Latitude -- Engine noise, acceleration, driving position, front-seat comfort, rear visibility, cornering limits, braking, reliability.
  • Toyota Tacoma (V6) -- Ride, handling, driving position, high step-in, low rear seat.
  • Jeep Patriot Latitude -- Engine noise, acceleration, driving position, front-seat comfort, complicated optional radio.
  • Chrysler 200 (V6) -- Handling, transmission, driving position, braking, optional radio controls.

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