Chrysler Recalls Ram ProMaster Vans For Sticky Accelerator Pedals

Ram ProMaster van accelerator pedal can stick when pushed from an angle.

Chrysler Recalls Ram ProMaster Vans For Sticky Accelerator Pedals

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— Chrysler is recalling almost 10,000 full-size vans because the accelerator pedals could stick in the wide-open position.  The affected van is the 2014 Ram ProMaster, a van very similar to the Fiat Ducato, although Fiat says they have had no reported problems with the Ducato.

Chrysler discovered the problem during testing when a driver applied downward force on the pedal at an angle. Chrysler engineers found a 3-inch "stop" device didn't work, even when force was applied to the accelerator pedal at an angle.

Technically, the van should be stoppable even with a stuck gas pedal because the van has a brake-throttle override system.  The override system means depressing the brake pedal will stop the vehicle even if the gas pedal is stuck.

Chrysler will fix the problem by installing a stronger pedal stop that improves the way the pedal feels at wide-open throttle.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the 2014 Ram ProMaster recall is expected to begin in March, 2014.

With questions or concerns, contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403.