Dodge SRT Viper Recalled To Fix Seat Sensor

Dodge SRT Viper has bad seat sensor that can cause problems with air bag deployment.

Dodge SRT Viper Recalled To Fix Seat Sensor

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— Dodge is recalling over 1,900 SRT Vipers to fix a seat sensor that can keep the air bags from deploying strong enough to protect an occupant.

Dodge says the affected 2013-2014 SRT Vipers have a bad seat sensor that can tell the computer the seat is closer to the air bag than it actually is. The air bag system on a vehicle is complicated because the system has to analyze numerous variables in a split-second during a crash.

One bad sensor can mean the difference between life and death if the air bag doesn't deploy at the right time and in the correct way, including recognizing how much force to use upon deployment. However, Dodge says it is unaware of any injuries related to the defective seat sensor.

Most of the recalled SRT Vipers are located in the U.S., with 201 in Canada, 16 in Mexico and 71 overseas.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn't announced when the SRT Viper recall will begin, but Dodge says dealers will need to install a shim to give the seat sensor an accurate reading. will provide an update when more details become available.