General Motors Recalls 5 Cars With Useless Air Bags

GM recalls only 5 cars because misprogrammed sensing and diagnostic module knocks out air bags.

General Motors Recalls 5 Cars With Useless Air Bags

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— A very small recall by General Motors standards, but still a recall to add to the record yearly total which the automaker has at 68 recalls involving over 29.3 million vehicles.

GM is recalling five model year 2013-2014 Cadillac XTS and and 2014 Chevrolet Impalas because of an error at the factory. GM says the cars have a sensing and diagnostic module that wasn't taken off the "manufacturing mode" setting. That one little mistake could cause all the air bags to fail in a crash.

Considering the trouble GM is in concerning air bag failures that caused deaths in cars with defective ignition switches, GM wants to get this recall behind them pretty quickly.

The five owners will will receive mailed notifications with instructions to get the cars to dealers to reprogram the sensing and diagnostic module.

If you own one of the five Cadillac XTS or 2014 Chevrolet Impalas, contact Cadillac at 800-458-8006 or Chevy customer service at 800-222-1020. Give them recall number 14532.

Just a few days ago, GM recalled the Cadillac XTS and Chevy Impala because of serious brake problems. About 133,000 cars have brake pads that can fail to release from the rotors and burn up the brakes.