Jaguar XJ Recalled To Fix Leaking Brake Lines

Jaguar recalls XJ sedans to make sure brake line connections under the cars are properly tightened.

Jaguar XJ Recalled To Fix Leaking Brake Lines

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— Jaguar Land Rover is not having a good month with its $75,000 XJ luxury sedan as the automaker announced a recall of 1,571 of those cars to fix leaking brake lines.

The automaker says the 2014-2015 Jaguar XJ has problems with the brake line connections that were tightened below the needed torque during manufacturing. If brake fluid leaks from the loose connections under the car, a warning light will illuminate indicating a loss of braking power.

A complete loss of braking can occur if both braking circuits are affected. It's also possible enough brake fluid can leak to cause the brake pressure switch to fail, which would cause a failure of the XJ to start.

Jaguar says the recalled XJ sedans were manufactured February 6, 2014, to July 23, 2014.

The recall is expected to begin on January 16, 2015. Jaguar dealers will inspect the brake lines and make sure everything is torqued to specification at the connectors.

Owners of the 2014-2015 Jaguar XJ can contact Jaguar customer service at 800-452-4827 and give them recall number J048.

Just over a week ago, Jaguar recalled the 2015 XJ cars because the front-end accessory drive belt, power steering pump pulley and the positive battery cable could all detach.