Mazda Tribute Recalled For Loss of Power Steering

Mazda Tribute recalled after owners say they lose all power steering assistance.

Mazda Tribute Recalled For Loss of Power Steering

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— It was two months ago that Mazda recalled 109,000 older model Tribute SUVs for control arms that could break and cause the SUVs to go out of control. The Tribute is again on the recall list as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced 33,000 model year 2008-2011 Tributes have steering problems.

Mazda says the SUVs could lose power steering function because the steering torque sensor could fail. Losing all power steering can cause real problems when the SUV is traveling at a slow speed.

Mazda blames the problem on the power steering control module which will either need its software updated, or dealers might have to completely replace the power steering control module.

Replacement of the module will depend on the history of the vehicle and if any diagnostic trouble codes appear when the dealer runs the test.

Mazda expects the recall to start in July, 2014. Concerned owners can contact Mazda at 248-295-7859 and reference recall number 7614E.