Mitsubishi Recalls Outlander Sport for Failing Air Bags

Adjusting leather seat could damage air bag wiring.

Mitsubishi Recalls Outlander Sport for Failing Air Bags

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— Mitsubishi is recalling over 700 model year 2013 Outlander Sport vehicles equipped with leather seats.  Mitsubishi says wiring might have been routed incorrectly when the leather was installed on the driver seat.

The wiring controls the seat mounted air bag and simply adjusting the height of the seat could damage the wiring. A driver would know about damaged wires because the air bag warning light would be lit, which means the air bag won't work when needed.

Mitsubishi says the vehicles were manufactured July 20, 2012, through May 29, 2013, and keep in mind, the recall affects only those vehicles with leather seats.

Mitsubishi has not provided information when the recall will begin.  However, dealers will inspect the wiring of the Outlander Sport driver side seat mounted air bag.  At the least, the wiring will be re-routed. If the wiring is damaged, Mitsubishi will replace the air bag.

Affected Outlander Sport owners can contact Mitsubishi at 800-222-0037 and reference recall number SR-14-001.