Mitsubishi Recalls Outlander Sport, All 2 of Them

Brake booster problems cause Mitsubishi to recall two Outlander Sports.

Mitsubishi Recalls Outlander Sport, All 2 of Them

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— Mitsubishi is recalling two (yep, 2) model year 2011 Outlander Sports manufactured on one day in September 2010. Mitsubishi says the switch sleeve in the brake booster can crack and cause a failure of the brake pedal to return to position. With the brake pedal partially depressed, the vehicle might not move as if your foot is on the pedal.

The recall will begin in October 2014. Mitsubishi dealers will inspect the brake booster and replace it if needed.

If you're one of the two owners, contact Mitsubishi at 888-648-7820 and use recall number SR-14-008.

A week ago, Mitsubishi recalled the Outlander to replace the drive belts after reports of engines stalling.