Ford Recalls 203,000 Escape SUVs and Transit Connect Vans

Ford Recalls 2014 Escape for 8th time, over 30 technical service bulletins issued.

Ford Recalls 203,000 Escape SUVs and Transit Connect Vans

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— Owners of the 2014 Ford Escape must be a little nervous since that SUV has now been recalled eight times since its inception. To make matters worst, the 2014 Ford Escape has over 30 technical service bulletins that have been sent to dealers about numerous problems.

The 2014 Escape is recalled this time because of problems with the instrument panel cluster. Also included in the recall is the 2015 Escape and the 2014-2015 Ford Transit Connect vans.

The automaker says over 203,000 of the vans and SUVs need the instrument panel cluster software updated. Ford says the problem can occur when starting the vehicle, which should illuminate the instrument cluster, warning lights, chimes and warning messages. Instead, the lights can fail when starting the vehicle.

The recalled Transit Connect vans were manufactured in Spain from May 13, 2014, to December 10, 2014. The recalled Ford Escapes were built in Kentucky between May 19, 2014, to February 6, 2015.

Ford says there have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the defect.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

A small recall affects 49 model year 2015 Ford Transit vans for seat belt labeling problems. However, all the affected vans belong to one business fleet customer. The vans have a special-order front passenger seat belt that was mislabeled by the supplier. A new label will need to be applied on the seat belt anchor.

Ford hasn't released details about when the recalls will begin. Affected owners can contact the automaker at 866-436-7332.