Honda Accord Recalled After Airbags Cause 19 Injuries

Almost 304,000 Honda Accords recalled after 19 injuries caused by side airbags deploying.

Honda Accord Recalled After Airbags Cause 19 Injuries

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— Honda is recalling almost 304,000 model year 2008-2009 Honda Accord cars because the airbags can deploy when they shouldn't. The problem is the software that runs the sensor for the side airbag system, both the side seat airbag and side curtain airbag.

The automaker says at least 19 injuries have been reported from airbags deploying when they weren't needed.

Due to the side impact sensor setting, just slamming a door shut can cause the side airbags to deploy. Honda says the problem occurs only if the ignition is turned on and the lower body of the Accord senses an impact, such as a door slammed shut.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn't released details, but Honda says mailed owner notifications will begin in December 2015. Honda dealers will update the side airbag software.

Affected Honda Accord owners can always call Honda at 888-234-2138 or visit will update this page when more information is available.

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