Honda Fit LX Recalled After Brackets Puncture Airbags

Over 25,000 Honda Fit LX cars have rear grab rail brackets that can puncture the side airbags.

Honda Fit LX Recalled After Brackets Puncture Airbags

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— Honda is recalling over 25,300 model year 2015-2016 Honda Fit LX cars to fix problems that cause the rear side airbags to become punctured and useless. The recalled Fit LX cars include only those that do not have a sunroof.

According to Honda, the problem is a bracket that can puncture a rear side curtain airbag when it deploys and cause the airbag to fail.

Honda says testing was conducted in 2013 on the rear grab rail bracket and the bracket passed inspection. But in July 2015, a part failed during a Honda test of the side curtain airbag and further testing over the months showed punctured side curtain airbags.

The automaker says it has received no reports of warranty claims, crashes or injuries caused by the defect.

The Honda Fit LX recall is expected to begin December 4, 2015. Honda dealers will replace the rear grab rail bracket with one that has felt material applied to prevent puncture to the side curtain airbag.

Owners of the 2015-2016 Fit LX may contact Honda at 888-234-2138 and use recall number JV8. has complaints you can read about the Honda Fit.