Honda HR-V Recalled For Missing Labels

Honda recalls almost 12,000 Honda HR-V compact SUVs for missing/wrong tire and emissions labels.

Honda HR-V Recalled For Missing Labels

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— Honda is recalling 11,972 model year 2016 HR-V compact SUVs because of missing tire and/or emissions labels. The automaker says the problem occurred during assembly when the labels may not have been affixed or when incorrect labels were applied to the SUVs.

The missing tire placard is a violation of federal safety regulations because an owner may not know at what pressure to inflate the tires. Any over or under inflation of the tires could cause problems driving or cause the tires to fail.

The emissions label wouldn't cause a safety hazard but Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board regulations require each vehicle to display an accurate emissions label.

Honda says the recalled 2016 HR-V SUVs were built January 12, 2015, to May 20, 2015, and the automaker says it's unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the labels.

The tire/emissions label recall should begin September 18, 2015. Honda dealers will inspect the HR-V and replace any missing or wrong labels.

Owners of the affected 2016 Honda HR-V SUVs can contact Honda at 800-999-1009.