Honda Pilot Recalled To Update Instrument Cluster Software

Over 35,000 Honda Pilot SUVs could have safety system problems but give no warning of problems.

Honda Pilot Recalled To Update Instrument Cluster Software

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— Honda is recalling over 35,000 brand new SUVs for software problems that cause failures of warning lights connected to safety systems. It's a tiresome experience for many car owners as computer-related problems continue to cause recalls.

The recalled SUVs include the 2016 Honda Pilot 2WD and Honda Pilot 4WD that need repairs to keep instrument panel warning lights correctly operating.

The automaker says safety systems, including tire pressure monitoring, anti-lock braking and stability control, could malfunction but not provide a warning indication to the driver. However, if the ignition is turned off and back on, the warning lights will start working again.

Honda discovered the problem in July 2015, when a test of another vehicle showed a failure of the software to identify the loss of data when the ignition is turned on. In August, the supplier of the combination meter found that a software modification was causing the failure of the system to recognize a loss of data reception.

Honda says no accidents or injuries have been reported in relation to the defect.

The recalled two-wheel-drive Pilots were manufactured May 4, 2015, to September 8, 2015, and the four-wheel-drive Pilots were built May 7, 2015, to September 4, 2015.

The Honda Pilot recall will begin November 27, 2015, when dealers will begin updating the instrument cluster software.

Affected owners of the Honda Pilot SUVs can call Honda at 888-234-2138 and use recall number JV7. has complaints you can read about the Honda Pilot and many other Honda models.