Jaguar XF Recalled To Fix Fuel Pumps That Cause Engine Stall

Jaguar says modules inside fuel pumps can overheat and cause the pumps to fail.

Jaguar XF Recalled To Fix Fuel Pumps That Cause Engine Stall

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— Jaguar is recalling 355 model year 2013 XF luxury cars because the fuel pumps could shut down and cause the cars to stall.

Jaguar says the XF has a fuel pump inside the gas tank that is controlled by an engine control module through a fuel pump module. Engineers found electrical current through the fuel pump could reach 185 amps even though the design specifications call for only 30 amps of current.

Overheating can occur and cause the fuel pump to fail, causing the engine to be starved of fuel. The XF engine could stall without warning and cause a loss of power steering and power brakes. Additionally, Jaguar says it could take up to 20 minutes to restart the car after the engine stalls.

Jaguar says the recalled XF cars were manufactured September 11, 2012, to October 8, 2012.

The recall is planned to begin on April 17, 2015. Jaguar dealers install an additional wiring harness to the fuel pump to keep the pump from failing.

Owners of the 2013 Jaguar XF can contact Jaguar customer service at 800-452-4827 and give them recall number J051.