Land Rover LR2 Battery Drain Lawsuit Filed in New Jersey

Lawsuit claims Land Rover LR2 battery drain problems keep the vehicles from starting as they should.

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— Jaguar Land Rover LR2 battery drain problems might be the focus of a class-action lawsuit after New Jersey resident Amy Block filed suit over her 2009 Land Rover LR2.

Block says she bought her Land Rover LR2 for $32,000 but the battery constantly drained from alleged defects in the electrical systems. She claims Land Rover concealed the problem from consumers since at least 2007 and when she complained about her own problems, all she got was a replacement battery.

However, the plaintiff says the new battery did nothing to fix the alleged defects that cause the batteries to drain.

The lawsuit names the entertainment system, battery and other electrical systems as a burden to owners and an unnecessary cost to maintain. The plaintiff claims consumers wouldn't have bought the Land Rover vehicles if the automaker would have told consumers about the alleged defects.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges owners paid too much for their Land Rover vehicles because of constant repairs needed to keep the batteries operating. The plaintiff further claims Jaguar Land Rover sold and advertised the Land Rover LR2 knowing it contained defective systems that caused drained batteries and vehicles that are unable to start.

The lawsuit accuses Jaguar Land Rover of violations of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act with the plaintiffs seeking damages, injunctive relief and restitution from the automaker in an amount of more than $5 million.

The proposed Jaguar Land Rover class-action lawsuit includes owners and lessees of the 2008-2015 Land Rover LR2. Additionally, the lawsuit includes other Land Rover vehicles that have the same alleged defects that cause the batteries to drain.

The Jaguar Land Rover battery drain lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey - Block v. Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC.

The plaintiff is represented Nagel Rice, LLP.