MINI Cooper Hardtops Recalled For Lack of Crash Protection

MINI Cooper Hardtop recalled for fourth time in two months.

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— BMW should consider opening towing companies across the U.S. just for MINI Cooper Hardtop cars, and fast. BMW has announced almost 3,700 model year 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door cars might have serious problems protecting rear seat passengers in a crash.

All BMW is saying is the recalled 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door models do not meet side impact performance requirements for rear seat passengers. Not only could an occupant not have the needed protection in a side crash, the defect also violates federal safety standards.

The 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door cars were manufactured December 1, 2013, to May 14, 2014.

BMW says the recall will begin February 18, 2015, but the automaker still hasn't figured out how to fix the problem.

Owners of the 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door can contact the automaker at 800-831-1117.

On December 27, 2014, BMW recalled 1,928 model year 2014-2015 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtop 2-door cars because of transmission problems.

Prior to that recall, BMW recalled about 850 model year 2015 MINI Cooper Hardtops 2-doors to fix problems with the seats.

Then in November 2014, the 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door was recalled because the spare tire could separate from the car.

If that's not enough, in October 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said BMW would be forced to lower its miles per gallon values on the 2014 MINI Cooper.