Nissan Recalls Murano and Rogue Select SUVs

Nissan recalls over 10,670 SUVs to fix anti-lock braking and tire label problems.

Nissan Recalls Murano and Rogue Select SUVs

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— Nissan is recalling over 10,670 Rogue Select and Murano SUVs in two actions, the vast majority to fix problems with the anti-lock braking systems.

Nissan Murano

About 10,570 model year 2015 Nissan Murano SUVs are equipped with anti-lock braking system actuators which can malfunction and cause a loss of vehicle control.

Nissan says the solenoid valves in the actuators might have contamination that can keep the valves from completely opening or closing. The automaker says hydraulic pressure can increase if the valves don't completely close, and the hydraulic pressure can completely drop if the valves stay fully open.

The Murano could have stability problems if the anti-lock braking system activates when it's not needed.

The recalled SUVs were built in Mississippi between December 4, 2014, and March 17, 2015, with about 9,730 in the U.S. and its territories and 839 in Canada.

The 2015 Nissan Murano recall should begin in August 2015. Dealers will inspect the anti-lock braking system actuator and replace it if needed. The automaker says the repairs could take several hours to complete.

Owners may contact Nissan customer service at 800-647-7261.

Nissan Rogue Select

About 110 model year 2015 Nissan Rogue Select SUVs are called back because of problems with the tire labels.

Federal safety regulations stipulate the labels contain the correct tire size information. In the case of the Rogue Select, the label should indicate the SUV needs 17-inch tires. However, the current labels are incorrect.

The recalled SUVs were manufactured from November 17, 2014, to December 12, 2014.

Nissan says the recall will begin in August 2015, when the automaker will send owners new tire labels with the correct information.

With questions about the Nissan Murano and Nissan Rogue Select recalls, please call Nissan customer service at 800-647-7261.