Nissan Versa Lawsuit Alleges Coil Springs Break In Front Suspension

Nissan Versa class-action lawsuit accuses automaker of selling cars with defective front suspensions

Nissan Versa Lawsuit Alleges Coil Springs Break In Front Suspension

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— A proposed class-action lawsuit alleges 2007-2011 Nisan Versa cars have dangerous front suspensions with coil springs that can snap.

The plaintiff, Mesrop Shirinyan, claims he experienced front suspension problems both during and after the warranty period. Shirinyan bought the new 2008 Nissan Versa in 2007 and by the time the car had 21,713 miles, the car had to be taken to a dealer because of a clunking noise coming from the front of the Versa.

Mr. Shirinyan says the dealer knew about the alleged defect, but the plaintiff still had to pay almost $400 out of his own pocket to cover the repairs. 

The lawsuit alleges that Nissan should have known about the defective suspension since at least 2007. The alleged defect can cause shuddering, popping and bumping sensations when the steering wheel is turned or when driving over uneven surfaces. The plaintiff claims the front coil springs can completely break and cause a loss of vehicle control.

Additionally, the snapped springs can puncture tires, damage brake lines and wheel bearings, lock the steering wheel and leave metal parts on the roadway.

The lawsuit further alleges the cost to repair the front suspension can run into thousands of dollars and leave an owner without transportation while the car is repaired.

Nissan issued technical service bulletins to dealers between 2008-2011 informing dealers about the alleged suspension defect and what to do if a customer complained.

The last bulletin sent to dealers described the customer complaints and suggested the installation of tubes in both ends of both front suspension coil springs. Dealers were also told to replace both front strut mounting bearings with different bearings.

The plaintiff says Nissan has done nothing to fix the alleged suspension problems and have not offered a permanent fix at no charge. Further, the lawsuit alleges Nissan hasn't offered to reimburse Versa owners who have paid for repairs, and no recalls have been ordered concerning the front suspension.

The Nissan Versa front suspension lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court Central District of California, Western Division - Mesrop Shirinyan v. Nissan North America, Inc. and Nissan Motor Company, LTD.

The plaintiff is represented by Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP.

In May 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into 130,000 model year 2008-2010 Nissan Versa cars after complaints about coil springs breaking without warning