Volkswagen Recalls 2015 Passat To Fix Brake Fluid Leaks

VW recalls 62 model year 2015 Passat cars for loose brake lines and leaking brake fluid.

Volkswagen Recalls 2015 Passat To Fix Brake Fluid Leaks

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— Volkswagen is recalling 62 model year 2015 Passat cars to fix problems with brake line connections.

VW says the brake line connection at the rear driver-side wheelhouse might not be tight enough. Brake fluid could leak and cause the line to become loose over time. The leak, along with the loose line, could cause reduced braking ability and longer stopping distances.

VW said the problem occurred during production when a torque wrench broke and didn't apply enough torque, even though the wrench recorded the correct torque. The problem was found the next day during inspection.

The recalled 2015 Passat cars were manufactured May 18, 2015, to May 21, 2015. VW says it isn't aware of any accidents or injuries caused by the defect.

The automaker is advising customers to watch for any leaks under the rear driver-side wheel. Further, call a dealership immediately if longer stopping distance are required or if the brake light comes on.

Volkswagen said dealers will torque the brake line fitting to the correct specification, which should take no more than an hour.

Owners of the 2015 VW Passat may contact Volkswagen 800-822-8987 and use recall number 47M3.