VW Tiguan Recalled To Replace Faulty Tire Pressure Labels

Tire pressure and weight limit are wrong on the certification labels on the 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan.

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— Volkswagen is recalling almost 3,000 model year 2015 Tiguan SUVs with labels that list the wrong loading weight and tire pressure details.

VW says the problem occurred when the automaker switched to a new computerized system used in the production of the Tiguan. Apparently the tire pressure ratings weren't included in the system, and the weight and loading information were included, but not accurately.

The recalled SUVs were built January 22, 2015, to March 20, 2015.

Volkswagen says the recall will begin at some point in June 2015. VW dealers will correct the info on the certification label, no charge.

With questions or concerns, owners of the 2015 Tiguan can call the automaker at 800-893-5298. Use the recall number, 01A5.