BMW Recalls Cars After Driveshafts Keep Breaking

BMW says M5 and M6 cars have driveshafts that can break and leave drivers stranded.

BMW Recalls Cars After Driveshafts Keep Breaking

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— BMW is recalling 956 model year 2015 BMW M5, M6 coupes, M6 convertibles and M6 Gran Coupes because the driveshafts can break while driving.

In August and September 2015, BMW learned about two driveshaft failures that occurred on 2015 M5 sedans, then in January 2016 another driveshaft fractured on a 2015 M5.

While the automaker was investigating the incidents, two more driveshafts failed on 2015 M5 sedans outside the U.S. More incidents occurred in February and March when two additional driveshafts broke, one on a 2015 M6 Gran Coupe.

BMW engineers determined the failures occurred while the cars were traveling 35-50 mph, possibly at the moment the transmission shifted from second to third gear. At the same time another driveshaft fractured, the supplier determined the problem was caused by an error at a welding station during manufacturing.

A driveshaft that breaks while traveling is a dangerous scenario because the car will just stop moving, and parking without using the parking brake could cause the car to roll away. However, the automaker says it is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the defect.

The recall is scheduled to begin September 6, 2016, when you can take your car to a BMW dealer to have the driveshaft inspected and if needed, it will be replaced.

Owners with questions may contact BMW customer service at 800-525-7417.