'Hesitating' Mitsubishi Cars and SUVs Recalled

Mitsubishi recalls 82,400 cars and SUVs that can hesitate during acceleration.

'Hesitating' Mitsubishi Cars and SUVs Recalled

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— Mitsubishi is recalling more than 82,400 cars and SUVs to fix transmission problems that can cause a delay in the vehicles accelerating. Recalled are the 2015-2016 Outlander Sport and 2016 Outlander and Lancer vehicles equipped with constant velocity transmissions.

During initial acceleration from a standstill or when accelerating after constant speed or slowing down, the vehicles can experience a hesitation if the range switch experiences a loss of signal.

Mitsubishi received a customer complaint in January 2016 about a vehicle hesitating followed by more complaints from customers.

The switch supplier tore apart a switch and discovered how the range switch lost its signal due to a decrease in contact pressure between two electrical terminals within the switch. This signal loss caused engine torque reduction, resulting in a feeling of hesitation for drivers.

When the range switch experiences a loss of signal, the vehicle believes the driver has manually shifted the transmission from neutral to drive while the throttle is open. This causes the software to reduce its torque to prevent “shift shock” and slippage of the transmission metal belt.

Owners should receive recall notices in August telling them to get the vehicles to dealers so the transmission control units can be reprogrammed with modified software.

If you own one of the 2015-2016 Outlander Sport or 2016 Outlander or Lancer vehicles, please call Mitsubishi at 888-648-7820 and ask about recall number SR-16-006.

It was a week ago that Mitsubishi recalled Outlander Sports for transmission problems of a different kind, specifically after the automaker discovered transmission fluid leaks were causing the SUVs to stop moving.

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