Mercedes-Benz Recalls Cars to Fix Power Steering Problems

Mercedes recalls over 28,000 cars that may lose electric power steering assist while driving.

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— Mercedes-Benz is recalling over 28,000 cars that may lose their power steering due to a software problem. Mercedes says the recalled cars are the 2015 C300 and C400 4matic sedans, built January 27, 2014, to December 1, 2014.

If the electric power steering assist completely shuts down, a driver can still steer the car but it will take more effort to do so. If the power steering goes out while traveling around a curve or at a slow speed, a driver will need to respond quickly to the changes in steering.

In November 2014, Mercedes-Benz and a supplier opened an investigation into two reports of customers losing power steering assist. In January 2015, the supplier said power steering was being lost because of software memory problems.

From February to June 2015, more investigations were conducted by using measuring equipment and software simulations to learn more about issues with software buffer memory. However, more investigation was needed until engineers finally determined the software buffer memory size might not be up to standards.

Mercedes says an owner would not only notice an increased effort to turn the steering wheel, but a red warning message will appear on the instrument cluster.

The recall will begin in January 2016, when Mercedes-Benz dealers will update the power steering software.

Owners of the 2015 C300 and C400 4matic sedans may contact Mercedes customer service at 800-367-6372.