MINI Cooper Clubman Recalled For Airbag Problems

More than 7,800 MINI Cooper Clubman cars have problems with fabric on the side curtain airbags.

MINI Cooper Clubman Recalled For Airbag Problems

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— BMW is recalling more than 7,800 model year 2016-2017 MINI Cooper Clubman cars to fix side curtain airbags that can fail to deploy properly.

BMW was informed by its supplier about a problem that occurred during a routine test indicating the side curtain airbag didn't deploy as intended near the A-pillar.

Engineers found a possible problem involving the pre-perforation of the fabric cover and determined the problematic covers may not have been manufactured during a specific airbag production period, but instead could sporadically occur during the supplier’s production process.

BMW has not received any reports of any accidents or injuries related to the side curtain airbags.

The recalled 2016-2017 MINI Cooper Clubman cars were built August 19, 2015, through July 14, 2016.

The MINI Cooper Clubman recall will begin September 12, 2016. MINI dealers will make changes to the side curtain airbag covers on the driver's side and passenger-side.

Owners of the recalled Clubmans may contact BMW at 800-525-7417. has complaints about the MINI Cooper Clubman and other MINI vehicles.