Nissan Rogue Fuel Pump Recall Expanded

Model year 2014 Nissan Rogue fuel pump failures cause Nissan to expand original fuel pump recall.

Nissan Rogue Fuel Pump Recall Expanded

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— Nissan is expanding a recall of 2014 Nissan Rogue SUVs to replace fuel pumps that can fail. The automaker originally recalled some of the Rogues in April 2015, but now an additional 46,600 SUVs need new fuel pumps. The problem occurs from nickel plating that can cause the pump to fail at any time without warning.

The problem occurs because of nickel plating material that can detach or flake from the fuel pump's inner or outer cover. The material detaches because of the flow of fuel, pressure or vibration from the Rogue.

Nissan says there is a space between the impeller and the fuel pump cover, a vacant area that can hold detached plating particles and cause the impeller to stop rotating.

The SUV won't start if the problem occurs while trying to start the Rogue, and the vehicle will stall if the fuel pump fails while driving. However, the automaker says if the Rogue stalls the airbag system will continue to function.

Nissan says certain Rogues manufactured between January 2, 2014 and June 7, 2014, are already part of the 2015 recall. Nissan had picked certain SUVs for the previous recall based on vehicle identification numbers and from information gathered from Bosch, supplier of the fuel pumps.

Nissan continued to review warranty data and decided to recall all Rogues manufactured from July 25, 2013, to June 7, 2014. SUVs made after June 7, 2014, are already equipped with fuel pumps that contain an improved anodized aluminum coating.

Nissan doesn't know when the Rogue fuel pump recall will begin, but owners with questions may contact Nissan customer service at 800-647-7261. has owner-reported complaints about the 2014 Nissan Rogue and other model years of the Nissan Rogue.