Porsche Recalls 918 Spyders To Fix Seat Belt Screws

Porsche recalls all 918 Spyder hybrid supercars after wrong seat belt screws may have been used.

Porsche Recalls 918 Spyders To Fix Seat Belt Screws

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— Porsche is recalling all of its 918 Spyder hybrid supercars, meaning 918 recalled cars that cost about $850,000 each. The "918" in the model name isn't a mistake because 918 is the total number of Spyder cars made during production.

Porsche hasn't said much about the recall but the problem involves the original parts catalog that mistakenly transposed the locations for screws used to secure the seat belts. The automaker says the screws are meant to be used only one time and the wrong screws in the wrong locations can cause the the seat belt mounts to fail.

Porsche says it cannot rule out the possibility the wrong screws were installed in the wrong location.

In a crash, the seat belt could fail to hold an occupant, something that caused Porsche to order the recall based on an "abundance of caution."

The automaker says the fastening screws will be checked on the seat belts and based on what dealers find, the screws may be replaced.

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