Jaguar Recalls 9 XF Cars to Look For Cracked Inner Sill Panels

Jaguar XF cars at risk of fires in a side crash due to leaking underfloor fuel lines.

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— Jaguar is recalling nine model year 2017 Jaguar XF sedans to fix problems that could cause the cars to catch on fire in a crash.

Jaguar says the XF cars may have cracked left-hand inner sill panels that can allow the underfloor fuel lines to rupture and leak gas. A crash on the left-hand side of the car can be too much for the inner sill panels to handle if they are cracked.

Any fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source could send the XF up in flames.

Dealers will need to inspect the nine cars to determine if the sill panels are cracked. Jaguar will repurchase the car and give the owner a new car if cracks are discovered.

Affected owners should call Jaguar at 800-452-4827 and ask about recall number K458.