Maserati Recalls 2017 Levante S to Fix Shifting Problems

Maserati Levante S SUVs have problems that cause them to shift into neutral at slow speeds.

Maserati Recalls 2017 Levante S to Fix Shifting Problems

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— Maserati is recalling 1,515 model year 2017 Levante S SUVs to fix problems with the transmissions shifting into neutral when they shouldn't.

Maserati says if the SUV is operated at speeds of about 2 miles per hour (low engine RPM), such as during slow bumper-to-bumper traffic, the transmission may shift into neutral or the engine may shut down.

Maserati received a report from China in October 2016 about a 2017 Levante S shifting to neutral while the engine was operating in heavy traffic at a very slow speed.

The automaker opened an investigation and performed tests from October 18 through November 9, 2016. Engineers finally replicated the problem and additional tests showed problems with the software, so a software re-flash was created and extensively tested.

Maserati says it was concerned about software changes causing issues with the emissions, but repeated tests proved the emissions systems weren't affected.

Owners of 2017 Maserati Levante S SUVs should have received recall notices by now explaining how dealers will update the engine control software.

With questions or concerns, contact the automaker at 201-816-2638 and ask about recall number 338.